~A walk in the woods~

This is our friend Harley.
We spent Monday and Tuesday this week
with him and his companion Maggie and their owners.
 They live a couple of hours North of us,
and have had lots more snow than us city folk.
 When the snow falls there it stays white,
and sparkly
and crunchy underfoot.
It doesn't get grey and slushy like it does here.

Tuesday morning the sky was brilliant blue
and the sun shone,
and so after a hearty breakfast we all went for a walk.
We walked the lane  first, 
 then came back to the woods on Harley's property.
He loves it there,
but the snow is too deep
and too cold for his short legs
 and tiny feet so Mummy carried him. 
His friend Maggie,
being part Huskie was in her element
and ran and chased through the snow,
thoroughly enjoying herself.
The snow in the woods was  magical,
sparkling between the pines and maples in the sunlight.

I think the woods are at their best
at this time of year and the Autumn too.
Summer brings mosquitoes and other biters,
so although it's still pretty,
it's challenging to stay focused on your surroundings
while swatting bugs.
We took lots of photos and have filed them away
 for days when I need inspiration.


  1. Oh, another Harley! He's so cute in his little sweater. And I love seeing all the snow photos. That's where I like to see snow....only in photos! The woods are truly beautiful with the snow and I know what you mean about the woods in summer....and the bugs!

  2. Your description of the snow sparkles in the sunlight sounds beautiful. Glad you enjoyed!

  3. oh beautiful! I have never, ever seen snow like that!!! I love the little doggie sweater.
    and yes, I think autumn is the bestest season of all.. wherever you are!

  4. It looks magical Sheila! Hugs, Lynda

  5. Excellent photos...what a nice thing to walk in such a magical place. xo


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