~Rainy days and Mondays~

Mild temperatures and lots of rain
have melted almost all of the snow that fell in December.
We are having the sort of weather
that makes you want to stay in bed,
or at the very least curl up in front of the fire
with a book for the afternoon.

I have resisted doing that,
and have spent the past few days cleaning out kitchen cupboards, 
divesting myself of assorted china,
 baking tins and casserole dishes.
I owned 11 vases, I never knew!  
Now I own 6!

It has given me more space to get organized. 
How much easier it is to put things away
when they are not battling for space.
The number of odd glasses from sets long since split up
and broken are now gone,
and we drink from the 'good' glasses.
Why do we save them for company.
Isn't family just as important?

The buffet was also purged,
and now all the Christmas dishes are in a place of their own,
and the drawers are filled with flatware,
napkins and table mats...
not bits and bobs and junk that had no other home.
I'm feeling quite virtuous!

Next week, we will do upstairs.
Once it is organized I will once more attempt
to decorate our bedroom.
The paint was purchased long ago,
but every time I look at the ceiling I cringe.
I hate painting ceilings!
It isn't that large a room,
and is very straight forward,
I don't know why I keep putting it off.


  1. I should get inspired by you and do the same thing. My kitchen cupboards are jammed packed and I don't use half of the stuff in there. As for painting ceilings I don't like doing that! I usually end up with more paint on me than the ceiling!

  2. Oh my gosh! Come to my house and be virtuous! I have no "umph" in my "get." LOL! I have to say though... you have inspired me.

    It must be a great feeling to get that all done!


  3. What a marvellous feeling to have a good 'clear out'! Good luck with the decorating!

  4. there is absolutely nothing NOTHING better than decluttering....
    and there is nothing wrong with owning 11 vases either as long as they are full of fresh flowers always.. :) hint, hint to PH ?? ....

    it seems so many of use are decluttering and purging stuff from our homes and our lives.. but how free it feels!!

  5. Sheila, not sure if you noticed but in this photo I can see some kind of mist/spirit. at first I thought it was the bricks, but it played on my mind all night and I had to come back and look.. some kind of orb/spirit maybe?

  6. I started a major de-cluttering last year, and actually accomplished quite a lot, but there's still more clutter to deal with. And some antique furniture to sell, but I'm not quite sure how to start that particular process.

  7. Hi She She ! I forgot you had a new blog place: ) . Well, I a m so glad I got rid of pretty much everything I owned when I moved to Oregon..and then here. You know what..I d onot miss any of it!

  8. Wow, sounds like you're on a roll, Sheila! I always feel so much better after I de-clutter. If I lived closer, I'd come and paint your ceiling for you. I love to paint!


  9. Did PH (Porkchop Husband) help? I hope so! lol
    I know that decluttering is so liberating. Too much stuff bogs a girl down.

  10. You are making me feel decidedly lazy - I'm afraid I gave into the urge to do not very much in January but am starting to feel the benefit of the extra daylight hours now. Not quite Spring yet though, we have fresh snow falling as I write!


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