~Decorating the tree~

The tree is up and decorated. For the last 25 years we have had various artificial trees, and this year I hauled out the latest one, and selecting only my favourite things, decorated it. It looks festive enough, but I really miss that evergreen scent. If I wasn't so lazy I would get out and buy a real one, and re-do it.  Next year it will be a real one. We changed from real to faux the year the kittens came to stay. They demolished the tree several times that first year, and it wasn't the decorations but the smell that turned them on.
The cards are written and posted, the freezer is filled with the things we enjoy at this time of year and the gifts are purchased. This weekend I will wrap, and then enjoy the time between then and Christmas knowing everything is ready.
Simplicity is my theme this year. One or two special things dotted around the living room, and the tree.  I like it.
How are your preparations coming along?


  1. We set the tree up last Saturday and I'm just now getting a few decorations on it today. It's just me and HB this year so I'm keeping things fairly simple too.

  2. simplicity central here too! One tree up and ready and a nativity set and a santa hanger on one door and we're all ready for the day!

  3. You sounds all organized - isn't it nice? I decided not to decorate with my tree this year because there are still boxes to be unpacked and not enough space. I put out my giant creche scene that I bought at Costco a few years ago, some candles and a wreath. All my shopping is done with a bit of wrapping yet to do. Also I got all my cards out! I too look forward to just enjoying the holidays and not stressing about any more preparations.

  4. I so love that ornament, Sheila! I always had an artificial tree but last year I decided I wanted a real tree and again this year:-) As you say, the smell of a real tree is just awesome!! Sounds like you're all ready for Christmas and keeping it simple sounds good to me. I always say I'm going to keep it simple as well but end up decorating the whole house! lol Love you. xoxo

  5. Your blog is looking gorgous Sheila! Would that be a partridge in a pear tree at the side?
    I'm pretty busy right now with preparations for Christmas. I've been to two of the GK's nativity plays - magical!
    Half way through writing the cards, trees (2) ready to decorate.
    We'll make it, i'm sure! Needs must, etc. x

  6. wow, you are so ready to celebrate Xmas! i haven't done my shopping yet...

  7. Sheila, it sounds absolutely lovely....simplicity at Christimas. Love the tree ornament. We have our tree up and decorated but I'm still doing little things.

    Enjoy this time.


  8. Your blog is looking amazing. You really have the knack.
    I like simplicity at Christmas. I think the economic downturn has meant that people are once more looking to make things rather than spend, spend, spend. A very good result!

  9. There are such cute ornaments out this year. Tommy got a shark in a hula skirt,Tillie has a sparkly flamingo and I got the coolest reindeer bling ornament ever. It's those little things that put a smile on your face. Hope yours is great Sheila.

  10. No tree and no decorations at Chez Shammickite yet, mainly because I've been so involved with rehearsals and selling tickets for our Christmas Variety Show that will take place on Wednesday 16th.
    And my shopping is half done, will head out for a marathon shopping trip on monday!

  11. We did our tree today, a long job as the lights refued to co-operate for quite a while. That's the last must do thing, there are still a few presents to wrap but like you I have food in the freezer, cards are sent and all my shopping is done. There are more things I may make or do but all are things I can do or not as I choose. Have a very Happy Christmas.

  12. Your house always looks homey, cosy, and perfect at Christmas!

    Actually, all the time, who am I kidding?

    Love your house!!! xoxo

  13. I slowly put my December decorations up this year. The family tree my husband and I did yesterday. I will start baking soon. I love spending the time to enjoy each aspect of the holidays. The kids will not be in town so it will be a quiet time. I like that too.
    Happy Holidays.

  14. Girl...you are on top of things! I heART that angel decoration..she looks exotic!


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