~Through a child's eyes..~

I'm just back after spending overnight at my daughter's house. I was looking after my grand daughters. After supper and a bath we sat down to watch Bambi. The youngest, she's 4 years old,  had never seen it, and I had some reservations about letting her watch it.  Well, as we all know,  Bambi's mother dies. The little one picked up on it immediately and while not overly upset did shown concern that Bambi would  have no Mummy. Perhaps she was missing her own Mummy? She watched for a little longer and then left the room for a minute or two. She returned in time to see Faylene, and her fawns who had just been born. She was so relieved, as she thought that Bambi's mother was back. 'She's back' she said, her older sister was about to say 'No'.
Both their Dad and I spoke up in order to cover this comment, and said 'Yes, she is'.
Older sister caught on immediately, and looked at me with a half smile. She understood.
We can't protect them from life, or death forever, but  she will learn these 
harsh realities soon enough.
Have a great weekend everyone, and may all your movies have happy endings.


  1. True Sheila. Childhood innocence is precious. They grow and learn much too soon these days. Hugs to both ((O&B))and all.

  2. You did the right thing, people are far to anxious to introduce children to the realities of life these days. They should keep their innocence as long as possible, there will be plenty of time as they get older to learn about the sad things in life.

  3. How great that big sister understood and didn't say anything.


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