~Growing up slowly~

My new wheels.
I had been driving our elderly van. Reliable, safe, boring.
The mechanic told me on our last visit she was reaching the age when she would need work soon.
As PH was driving his new(ish) SUV with all the bells and whistles, I decided it was time for me to splash out.
"I don't want the van anymore" I said, "I want something I've chosen."
 PH agreed. "It's time" he said.
"What do you want?"
I wanted something small, not too fancy or expensive, but cute and economical to run.
This is what I chose.... not really an old ladies car is it.
But you see, inside I am about 25, and mentally probably younger than that.
Her name is Sadie, chosen by my middle grand daughter.
Sadie has quite a few bells and whistles of her own, she is the sport model and has, to my delight, a sun roof. I've never had a sun roof before.
I love her.

Of late I've been a rotten blog pal, I know.
I've been busy, but that is not really an excuse. I read your blogs but don't comment, I read your emails and can't find words to answer you. It seems I am going through some changes. I've been getting outside more, finding new interests, spending more time with family.
It is not a reflection of how I'm feeling about you, more a finding of myself after two years of brain fog.  PH is well and we are rediscovering some of the fun in our lives that seemed to be on hold.

I will answer your emails, and comment on your posts soon, I value you all and the support you have given us.
Until then ..


  1. Niiice motor Sheila! Brrmmmm! Glad you are enjoying yourself.
    Lots of love, Lynda

  2. That is a cool ride!

    You're not a rotten blog pal! We all go through periods when we don't have much time for blogging. I seem to be having one right now! Just enjoy life and your family because that's the important thing. Blogland will always be here when you have time.

  3. nice new motta... ;o)
    glad to see you are finding each other... been a tough time.. so is good that you are having fun ... we hear what you are saying..
    but you are not a bad blog pal... ... always here when you need or just want to shoot the breeze..

    love T

  4. Ooooooh Sadie is just gorgeoussssss and no doubt you look real good driving her! hehe She also has a sunroof...that's something I've always wanted but so far never gotten. Enjoy it, dear Sheila, to the fullest:-)

    Don't you worry about not having much time for blogging, if you're enjoying your life right now, that's what's important. As Janet says, blogland will always be here whenever you have time:-)

    Sending you big hugs. xoxo

  5. I think sometimes we do neglect our real lives for what ever reason and retreat into blogland, but glad youre able to rediscover it with PH as your life was on hold for a while there with medical issues. Have fun sheila and Ive discovered its more to blog without obligation! Hugs!

    LOVE yor new car!!

  6. I like sporty.
    Wish ya could roll down this way.
    Nice in Az. ya know!

  7. Welcome to your new family Sadie! Sounds like you and Sheila will have a blast.

    You are a supportive and wonderful person. Forget about apologizing - life is too short. We ALL understand.

  8. You are living, that is great!
    The car is lovely too, great for zipping to WalMart, and Sobey's, and here! lol xo

  9. It's fun to get a new car isn't it? I got myself a sporty little model back in the spring.... love it! You'll have a blast driving around in your new wheels!

  10. Hi Sheila,
    Very nice car! (I love black cars.) I know you'll enjoy the sun roof, that was definitely something I wanted when I got my car too.

    Have fun and enjoy life!!


  11. Please don't apologize. I myself have been a rotten blogging pal. No excuses either, except maybe burn out. Glad your husband is good and you're out of that awful fog.


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