~The gift of giving and a weekend away...~

It's been a busy week, and despite the best of intentions I still haven't stopped by to visit many of you. I hope to rectify that this evening if I still have any energy. On Fridays, I pick up my grand daughters from school and spend a few hours having fun with them while their mum works. I enjoy it so much and I hope that they do too, so that in years to come they can look back with good memories of our time together.
I feel it is timely to mention a few things that have been on my mind lately. My friend Maithri, always generous with his skills, talents and friendship has under taken a new project. Click on his name (pronounced MY3)to be whisked off to his website. With Thanksgiving in the USA and Christmas just around the corner we are thinking of gift shopping. I don't know about you, but I have everything I need and most of us do. I have added two links at the top of my side bar you might want to look at. Perhaps you could shop there and help others while giving to family and friends. Perhaps you could treat yourself by making a donation to 
Possible Dreams International!
This weekend we are going to spend time with friends. I wrote about them a few weeks ago, they have built a beautiful log house in a forest. Two days spent walking in the countryside, and curled up by a large stone fire place, filled with crackling logs and a glass of wine in hand, 
is just what we need.
Have a good weekend everyone, 
and don't forget to look at these sites..


  1. Three Little Witches

    One little, two little, three little witches
    Fly over haystacks and fly over ditches
    Fly over moonbeams without any hitches
    Hey, it's Halloween night.
    One little, two little, three little witches
    Fly over barb wire and tore their britches
    Had to go home and get some stitches
    Hey, it's Halloween night!! hehe

    Happy Halloween dear Sheila:-) I hope you're having a wonderful time at your friends this weekend. I will go check out those links now. xoxo

  2. Sheila, I am sure your grand daughters enjoy their time with you too!
    Maithri always has informative web sites such as the one you have mentioned. I feel the same as you, I have everything I need and some. I have donated in someones memory or in celebration. It is a great thing and is very appreciated.
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend with your friends. It sounds glorious!
    Love you fall pics ~ especially the last one. I love how the leaves are scattered on the road and the angle you took the picture.

    I bought some Pumpkin spice candles from Wal-Mart... they smell so good! It made me think of your weekend for some reason. LOL!


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