~Playing with words..~

Gemma recently did a post based on five beautiful words. She invited commenters that were interested to try it, and the five words she gave me were,
Starlight, Tango, Magic, Luminous and Pearl.

I immediately thought of Jack Vettriano's art. In particular the painting above titled, Dance Me to the end of Love.This self taught artist has been one of my favourites for a while now. Prints of one of his well known works, The Singing Butler are well known. The original sold at auction for almost £750,000, a record price for a living Scottish artist.
The dancers above, may or may not be doing the Tango, but I think the five words Gemma gave me could be used in a description of this picture. Among other things, his work speaks to me of glamorous women & amorous men, sensually depicted in another time. Within my lifetime, but just beyond my memory. 
Click on the link and see what you think.


  1. I think the passionate soul in you is luminous... breathtaking...

    Much love to you dear friend,


  2. Thanks M..xo
    Coming from you, that means a lot..!

  3. Oh Sheila, that painting certainly does reflect those 5 words! It's stunning and since I'd never heard of that artist, I went to the link you left and read up on him and looked at some of his work...absolutely awesome. xoxo

  4. Dance me to the end of love. WOW!
    Great choice of paintings for those words. So glad you played.

  5. those five words just remind me of Casablanca.

  6. great words from Gemma

    beautiful encouragement from Maithri

    and your choice of paintings is indeed breathtaking in addition to your reasons for choosing it

    you are a mind blower my beautiful mum!!!

    love you to the end of time xo

  7. I love this painting, it's perfect for the words which are beautiful in themselves.

  8. I love your choice of words and they suit the picture perfectly. I think it's very elegant.

  9. Ooo...perfect for your words. I haven't done my words yet.

  10. Very appropriate for the words. A wonderful luminous painting. I had never heard of the painter, thank you for the link!


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