~Things are looking better..~

Things are looking a lot more positive after PH had his surgery on Wednesday.We spoke to the surgeon, who told us he could only see two small areas that were questionable. He removed them for biopsy, and we are scheduled to see him for results in about two weeks.He felt so good after the procedure, his blood pressure and vital signs all excellent, he was allowed to come home later that day. He is not allowed to do anything strenuous for 3 weeks, (I've hidden the golf clubs!) and after then he should be fine.
We have made plans with my sister and her husband to go away for Thanksgiving weekend, Friday to Monday, and have rented a place on the lake. It will be nice to get away together, and bonus! there is a big craft fair on in the local village that weekend too! I've been slowly adding Fall decorations to the house, the dining room is done, and I'm about to start on the kitchen. We are having some glorious weather, and the trees are starting to change, slowly but surely.Once again, thank you to everyone for their prayers and kind wishes. Especially those who are going through through their own battles. YOU know who you are..xx
I really feel that all the love, prayers and good wishes we have received have made a huge difference. This, and the skill of our fantastic doctor gives us hope for the future.


  1. hugs ... we are pleased to hear things are good...

  2. its a relief to know he is on the recovery trail. and did you notice how your page background complimented the photo spread? the house does look posh and lovely.
    have a wonderful weekened, sheila.

  3. that is good news Sheila and I will continue to keep Dh in my prayers...

    love your fall decos!!also - thank gosh for good doctors!!

  4. So glad to hear that all went well. Hope you have some lovely weather for your trip away. Hugs. Lynda xxxx

  5. Dearest Sheila,

    Such wonderful news to hear that your hubby is feeling so much better...things definitely are looking up for sure:-) Please know that my prayers continue for him.

    Thanksgiving at the lake sounds just about perfect...by then all the Autumn colours will be out in full force and it will be breathtaking. I'd love to get away that weekend as well but mom always relies on me to make the Thanksgiving dinner:-)

    I LOVE the way you've decorated your dining room, it looks so warm and welcoming. It's no wonder I love Autumn so much:-) xoxo

  6. Yay a weekend at the lake...perfect. So glad dad is on the mend. xo

  7. I am just so happy that things are looking so good. This has been such a battle and it looks as if victory is near! You both continie to be in my prayers and heart.
    You Fall decor looks so, so lovely! I really adore the leaf vine trail across the mirror. So pretty...it is all so warm.
    Thanksgiving atthe lake sounds so good. Toss in the craft fair and it is perfect!
    Have a sweet weekend!


  8. Your fall and thanksgiving house decorations are really lovely. A celebration of the season indeed. And very good news that your husband is recovering well, I'm sure that takes a load off your mind.
    Enjoy your few days away!

  9. Wonderful news. Tattered,thread bare prayer flags continue to blow in a breeze of well wishes.

  10. fantastic!!

    the time away sounds wonderful.. we are off for a few weeks, end of October - down to Tasmania on a bike ride!

  11. Love all your Fall decorations! VERY glad to hear about your husband and what the surgeon said!

  12. Hi Sheila,
    I'm so happy to hear things are going well. Wonderful!

    Your fall decorations are beautiful.


  13. I'm so pleased to hear your husband's operation went well and that things are improving.

    I love how you have decorated your home for Autumn, what a lovely idea, it looks so warm and welcoming.

  14. Ohhhh..your Fall decor looks so inviting...I a ms oglad t oknow that all is better for P H .. Maybe he needs recovery time in Florida???

  15. Sheila:It has been some time since I have visited.Know that you and your sweet husband are always in my thoughts and prayers since we are on similar healing journeys..I understand.I send healing light may you both enjoy your quiet time away.. love your Autumn look ..now you can come over to my house and do the same!love and light aNNa xo

  16. Here I am on my monthly visit, dear Sheila..and glad to hear of the progress...

    I hope you both enjoy your Thanksgiving wknd break beside the lake...

    I love all your Autumnal decorations...very pretty colours LOL WG...xxx :)


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