~The longest days..~

For over 42 years we have been together. Barely a day apart. Sometimes we can be in the house together for hours and not speak a word. But each of us knows the other is there. We can look at each other and know what what the other is thinking, we can finish each others sentences. The other half of me, the half that makes me complete is away. He is having a good time, he needs the break and the change of scenery. I miss him so much, he will be back soon, just 2 more days, and eight more hours...


  1. So very sweet Sheila.

    When he gets home, make sure you express to him what you have here.


  2. I have just started my 42.... I know what you mean...

    PEace, Kai

  3. You can bet he misses you more.
    I know they went out this evening after the football game for some dinner and the casino. It is nice they are having a guys trip, isn't it?
    Nice for my husband and yours to spend time together as father and son-in-law. xox

  4. absence does make the heart grwo fonder... me and dh are like too! I think thats how it can get after so many years of being together! But also enjoy your hours apart to do the things that you enjoy too!

  5. oh I hate when Dutch husband is away, so I know exactly how you feel! counting the seconds.. I am sure he is missing you too!!

    and if you get really lonely, you always have facebook ;) - go plant some vegies on that farm :)

    and you know, you are right about little Charlie looking like a podling.. his cheeks are so chubby, I could just pinch them. he is delicious!!

  6. Ahhh...so beautiful to be LoVe birds isn't it!
    I recieved my special delivery..smiles and hugs to you..thank you! xoxoxo

  7. How nice to have a companion that you feel so close to.

  8. Oh Sheila, please let me hug you in his absence!XX

  9. Nothing worse than being lonesome for someone...no doubt he's been missing you just as much!! xoxo

  10. The wait will be over now - I hope he had a good time and that you are enjoying having him back home again:)


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