~Summer is gone..~

The summer that never was..it arrived late, sailing in on torrents of rain, with the wind at it's back. Yesterday, with no wind to hurry it along, it slowly drifted away with a grey sky and the promise of more rain to come. The garden is tidy, the Spring bulbs are planted and our attention turns to making our homes ready for Winter. In between, we have Thanksgiving, and Hallow e'en. Or Hallow e'en and Thanksgiving, depending on where you hang your hat. Glorious Fall colour, the scent of earth, chrysanthemums, cloves and cinnamon, hot apple cider and wood smoke. Books and blankets, baking and making comfort food. Is there anything nicer?
Tomorrow my husband has surgery. Please think of him and send healing thoughts our way. 
I will keep you posted


  1. Beautiful Photos! The only thing I like about the summer is the produce... so I really shouldn't complain. Other than that, I could do without the heat. I like the mid 80's and after that, as they say, "Fa get about it!" LOL!
    Where you live looks and sounds glorious... although the mold in the grass doesn't.

    The Fall is my favorite Season too Sheila! You will have to take some pictures to show us the many little warm touches you have added to your home. Oh how I would love to just come over and have a cup of tea with you and visit, visit, visit.

    I have been wanting to e-mail you for such a long time. I am in my program now... it is so intense. Charlie's mom is in the hospital. Hospice is starting to step in. It is just a matter of time. We are having some problems with Charlies's insurance. grrrr

    I will try to e-mail you this week after Thursday when my test is done. I really should be studying... my brain can only take so much at one time though.

    I miss you ~
    Many BIG HUGS
    and a kiss for each cheek

  2. You are so right, Sheila, summer 2009 was a bit of a washout, wasn't it? But the past month has been lovely! I love the fall, I wish it lasted longer before all that cold white stuff starts swirling down from the sky.
    And yes, thanks for you comment on my blog, I'm thinking tiles too... probably the peel'n'stick variety just to make it easy.
    I'll be thinking of your husband tomorrow, and keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well. Sending positive vibes your way..... ummmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Lovely picts. Seasons changing again... and again. This is my fave! I like your fall makeover.

  4. very nice photos, sheila. and i like the header.
    oh, summer here was very brief. but it was a relief for me because summer heat at this part of the globe can be pretty oppressive.

  5. Lovely photos of the different stages of your Clematis.

    Summer was short here too Sheila but I mourn its passing and don't look forward to Winter at all, I don't enjoy the long dark days.

    I am thinking of your husband and wishing him all the very best for his operation.

  6. wishing your Dh all the best for his operation! will be thinking of you both.

    your post is so lovely it almost makes me wish it was back to winter here! (lol... although its spring it is v cold here! looking out for some sun here!)

  7. Hope all is going well today or went well (depending on when you see this comment). xo

  8. Aloha Mrs D..
    your blog is folding into Autumn beautifully.
    It's been a Sprummetumn kinda year!! :) Not to shabby though.
    Peace, Mrs C.

  9. hope all is well with hubby and papa of Blue. It is hot as all get out here...no such thing as Fall. It will be nice come winter though...heh heh

  10. I am "leaving" you a fall comment! lol
    Get it?
    So glad dad came through the surgery and things look positive. I love you both so much. xo

  11. I love these photos Sheila! I have some of this in both the front ad back yard and it did well this year. I hope it really takes off next Spring!

  12. beautiful photos. came over from indigo blue. it is true that here in ontario we have lost the summer that never was to the winter that can't wait. best of luck to your husband. we also are heading down that "tests" road. be well.


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