~ In my garden this week ~ #13

Spirea and Irises will be out soon.Do you recall I was eager to get started on this border? I finally managed to do it this week. I turned off the computer for three days and rolled up my sleeves. I did all I wanted to do, including planting seeds, perennials and shrubs. I also added 500 litres of organic top soil. Who says I don’t get exercise..!After the winter..ugh!Above is the before picture, below is as it looks now..I’d say it’s an improvement. I even planted a mulberry tree.After all my hard work..! Still room for more planting   
The Columbines are in flower, alsocolumbines  
the Clematis,
  the Peonies

the Bridal Veil
 Bridal Veil spirea 
and the Euphorbia.


Now, after I recover, I will start on the back border. Rain is forecast for the week, I will be decorating indoors instead.
What’s happening in your garden this week?Gardeners know all the dirt!!


  1. I got my first baby basil plants planted.

    Your beds look so well tended, I love them.

  2. Aloha Sheila..
    Love the borders, you did good girl!!
    I like the mixes of foliage and flora against the greens.. :)
    Your colombines are white!! (Can you send me some seeds when they are done? pweettie please? Mine are purple..swap?)
    peace, Kai

  3. Wow, Sheila....everything looks beautiful. Your borders are so neat and tidy. You must have been busy for those few days. Wanna come work in my yard??

  4. Krissie @ WinterwoodJune 9, 2009 at 1:55 AM

    I am just trying to imagine the perfume in the garden from all those flowers! Shame we cant smell it from the computer screen!

  5. lookin good and blooming you should be pleased the hard work has paid off..

  6. It looks lovely Sheila! Ours is like a jungle!

  7. My goodness, you have been busy! How satisfying it must be for you to look at the results of all your hard work! I hope your back is not suffering too much after all that, I think mine would be!

    I love the photos of your beautiful blooms, the purple of the Clematis is lovely.

    We have had heavy rain the last few days and armies of snails have been eating my new plants :(

  8. your garden is pleasant to the eyes..i wish i live nearby so i can oogle on those pretty flowers. my apartment dont have space for a plant to grow, sad...
    oh, i can't even name those flora,so thank you for telling me their names!

  9. Hope you are spending as much time enjoying your lovely garden as you have spent tending it. It looks just beautiful Sheila.

  10. Oh, so it's called Euphorbia.... I have a large clump of it and have never known it's name. I had columbines last year but nothing this year, they were close to a walnut tree and I don't think they got along with their much larger neighbour. A lot of things don't like being close to walnut trees. The borders look so neat and tidy, good work Sheila!

  11. Such beautiful gardens. It is good to hear from you again.

  12. It's all looking just beautiful, dear Sheila! I know all the hard work involved in getting a flowerbed ready and planted...just dragging those bags of soil or mulch is an exercise in itself! lol Such gorgeous flowers you have in bloom already. I don't have any of my perennials in bloom yet but they're getting there:-) xoxo

  13. Wow, nice border baby.
    The garden looks lush mum.
    Well done!

  14. oh beautiful garden!! and so much soil you shifted.. hope you had a long, long bath to soothe your muscles... and mulberry tree? Yum, but I hope you planted it away from the clothes line!!


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