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Picnik collage
 The weather hasn’t been very good for digging etc this week, we’ve  had lots of rain. The sun seems to show up at supper time just in time to set. The garden is loving it, and the grass is really green. There are several perennials about to come into flower and should be out by next week. I planted  flower seeds, and hope it doesn’t get too cold at night, as we are still having some low, low temps.  I put the sweet peas in a couple of weeks ago as they don’t mind the cold, and they are up about an inch. So other than keeping the grass cut and weeding, little progress has been made on the changes I have planned.
Since gardening wasn’t on the cards, I've taken the master bedroom apart, and am about to start redecorating. If that doesn’t make the temperature soar, nothing will!
What’s happening in your garden this week?


  1. Aloha Sheila,
    In my garden this week (due to rain..) the honeysuckle has grown a new forest on the hedge.. the succulent green grass of my lawn has beautiful little violets springing up and enjoying the sun.
    The bunnies are out of the Columbine and have moved into a fresh burrow under Swen.
    The Chip monk is now a frosted wheat cereal addict :)

    Welcome summer..lol. your garden is gorgeous!
    peace, Kai

  2. We've had a few days of glorious weather. The garden is romping away. Pinks have opened and smell divine. It's a joy just to be outside. I'm having to fill the bird baths (2 shallow dishes) three times a day because the birds are really enjoying having a splash, and they do like their water to be nice and fresh!

  3. Hi Sheila,
    Your garden looks great and filled with so much color! We've been having some really nice weather the past few days, and enjoying it.

    Re-doing the bedroom, huh? Sounds like fun.


  4. Not much happening in my garden but I have been thinking about re-doing our master bedroom! Great minds think alike! But I haven't started yet....I'm still in the thinking mode!

  5. I understan trying to keep up with the weeding...it is either too hot or too wet!
    A cool down is coming my way so I hope to be outside planting seed tomorrow. It is my plan.
    Redoing the bedroom is a big project! Looking forward to seeing what you do. Will you repaint?

  6. You have alot of color in your garden already.
    Fantastic collage.

    My purple rosebush finally got 2 little buds last week. They slowly opened and now orchid color roses are blooming. Naturally I have been taking pictures and will post soon.

  7. I'm just watching the gardens in my neighborhood grow! ha! I met Somewhere Joe aka... Jeaux last week! He is so nice!

  8. not much happening here Sheila, too much rain. My peas are struggling but my brassicas are doing quite well.. all the rain you are having will certainly help the plants during summer.. do you mulch to keep the moisture in?

  9. Hi from the UK I just found your blog and enjoyed it. It looks like you have lots of lovely blooms at the moment. We have had something of an early heatwave this last few days although it is cooler today but still sunny, with rain promised for the weekend :(

    It has certainly made the flowers grow here especially as we had quite a lot of rain a couple of weeks back. I think I spied Paeonies on your collage my red ones have just gone over although I have a later flowering pink one in bud. It looks like you have some nice fat buds on your Clematis too, my Clematis 'Nelly Moser' is in full flower.

    I had a quick look back at previous posts too and enjoyed your photos.

  10. My garden is already needing water, every day...It will be along summer in the garden. LOVE IT, but don't like the water bill!

    Dahlias are growing and peonies have sprouted.
    Thanks for your ever sweet comments to me!

  11. hey sheila, i got you an award. i have been reading your blog for a while and thought it is worth sharing with others. go and get your award from my page.
    have fun!


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