~ Where have all the rabbits gone? ~

photograph from Wikipedia
We had noticed that this year we seemed to have less rabbit problems than in previous Springs. Perhaps this is the answer?
We received a newsletter from a neighbour, who had seen a coyote kill and eat her cat at four o’clock one morning! The local animal agencies say they will not do anything about relocating them, as they have pups. Meanwhile it is recommended that all pet owners are extra vigilant.
The northern coyotes can get quite large, the largest on record weighing almost 75lbs, and measuring over 5 feet in length. While I’m sure the local ones are no where near this size it is recommended to give them a wide berth. They can run in bursts of up to 40mph, and jump a distance of over 12 feet. Their hearing is more acute than dogs, making them excellent hunting animals. We have also been asked to clap our hands, and generally make a noise upon sighting them, so that they do not become to familiar with humans. That would cause another set of problems. We had recently discovered a new trail and wooded area that we felt would be nice for hiking; now it seems that is where the coyotes are based.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can only imagine what your neighbour must have felt seeing that! How sad!

    I have noticed that we haven't read any bunny stories from your yard.

    The coyotes live out in the country where I live. When I lived out in the country, you could hear them howl. Some nights were worse than others.

    If you decide to hike, make sure you clap, clap, clap! You will be sure to get some extra exercise in. Better yet, fill a can with some beans and shake away.

    I would be so scared approaching one. Oh do be careful!

    Miss you

  2. We've attacks on humans from habituated coyotes. About once a year I see a raccoon siting as well as a red fox or coyote. We keep our animals in after dark and evening and before it gets too light in the morning. Good hunting time for omnivore animals. I even see some turkey tracks once in awhile and they are wily birds in the wild. I figure they were here first and I need to be smart about that.

    I'm so sorry your neighbor lost her cat. That happens a lot here!

  3. We have a coyotes here too. very eery hunting howl they make! Not a good sound for a little rabbit to hear as its last ever noises...

  4. The noisy tin sounds like a good idea. I hope you don't see one.

  5. Oh dear, poor kitty, and poor neighbour watching such a thing happen.
    I wonder if you are right out in the country or in an urban area. Would a coyote attach a human or would it prefer a much smaller prey?

  6. This is a serious problem in Az. as well....but at least we have roadrunners.

  7. I saw roadrunners in AZ, Gem~~~ Loved them :)
    And strange enough, I'm wearing this week my favourite turquoise coyote necklace from Tombstone. Oh I miss that place.
    Since I already expressed my sadness to your neighbour in our phone call, I won't repeat myself except to say to other readers that I'm not that removed from the situation!
    And I have a soft spot for them so the food chain can be what it is. If the urban developers would leave a few inches of geography undeveloped then perhaps our wiley friends wouldn't be seeking food sources or new homes closer to humankind.
    It is our fault ultimately isn't it?
    Nighty night!!! xoxo

  8. Sad about the cat. I had one of my cats supposedly killed and eaten by a large bird at the far end of my neighbours yard some years ago. When they told me about it and I investigated, all I found were a few tufts of fur.

  9. Nature takes care of her own..we as humans must take care of our domestic animals..keeping them indoors or on a leash bringing them indoors at night.Nature takes care of her own.

  10. It is such a sad fact of lfe but that is nature isn't it? Just another reason I won;t allow my kitties out doors. : ( We have actually had coyotes here! I have seen 2 myself...and this is not a wooded area at all.
    Perhaps this is why we don;t have the number of bunnies this year...but we do still have some. I found 2 livng under our back deck, quite fat and sassy, after feasting on my flowers!



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