~ A walk in the woods, Saturday afternoon.. ~

Heber Down Conservation area is situated on 650 acres of  valley lands, dry uplands, and wet woodlands. It helps to preserve a part of  Central Lake Ontario Conservation’s watershed.
The Canadian Northern Railway established a new line to provide passenger service between Toronto and Trenton. The line passed over  Heber Down Conservation Area and over Devil’s Den gully.
Construction of the cement abutment and piers, which were to be the foundation of the Devil’s Den bridge began in January of 1910 and the bridge was completed of March that same year. Some of the old piers can still be seen today. The bridge was named after the gully it passed through. Devil’s den received it’s name because it was believed to have been used as a layover by horse thieves in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
Locals superstitiously believed that the noise produced by the thieves and horses was actually the devil himself holding court.
I believe it has been a part of the conservation authority since 1958, and now has trails for both the casual walker, and those who prefer to hike. We didn’t choose the best time for a hike as the trails are still suffering from Winter damage, and were washed out in some places. There are lots of wild flowers, birds and animals to see, unfortunately my camera batteries ran out and I was unable to take as many photos as I would have liked.  The mosquitoes were out in full force and rain was threatening, so we left the full trail for a better day.  These are some of the photos I managed before the camera gave up.IMG_1324IMG_1330IMG_1325IMG_3287buttercupfalse miterwort. foamflowerIMG_3276 IMG_3278IMG_3275IMG_1312IMG_1328
A burgundy Trillium. They are usually white, but occasionally we will find one this colour or even pink. They are Ontario's provincial flower.IMG_1317One of many nurse logs. Home to insects and small animals, and the start of future trees. Can you see the self sown seedlings here?IMG_1323IMG_3280
A part of the wet woodland, we stood here for a while listening to the frogs and birds. If I were a frog this is where I would want to be. All photos should be clickable if you would like to see more detail.


  1. Aloha Sheila,
    Wow, what a gorgeous and tranquil place to walk. I find the forests here different from the UK.
    They have much more diversity and undergrowth promoting new life, the ones I used to walk in the UK are old growth.. no matter..yours is gorgeous and I love the Trillium!!!
    peace, KAi xx

  2. peace perfect peace when walking in a wood like that! just lovely!

  3. Great that you've been out exploring! The wet woodlands look so pretty. I love listening to sounds of nature too. Helps clear the mind doesn't it? MUAH!

  4. hola, looks like a wonderful way to spend a spring afternoon... looks beautiful

    hope all is well

  5. I love the feeling of peace and tranquility that woodland gives. There's always something of interest to see and I always feel refreshed after a walk on the wild side!
    Lovely pics Sheila!

  6. I'm puppysitting TessaDog while the new parents get used to having a baby in the house, so we have been going for country walks, but the mud after the past 3 rainly days is a little daunting! Isn't it lovely to see the green leaves and the wild flowers again, after a long cold winter??

  7. Ha Ha! If I were a frog I would want to live there too! We can sing a song together and see who could catch the most flies.

    The woods are beautiful! They look so serene. What a wonderful day!

    Don't you just hate when your battery dies? grrrrr

    They are closing a lot of our parks here in California! I am soooo sad. 2000 of them. We go to a lot of them. I am so bummed.


  8. I only learned about trillium about 10 years ago. I've not seen any in the wild, but love this deep purple/pink/ burgundy one.

  9. Great photos and such a lovely, serene place to take a walk.
    The wildflowers are lovely. I posted a few from our trip to the beach last weekend. The purple one looks a bit similar, but I don't know the name.

  10. Interesting story and beautiful place. I love a walk in the woods. Pretty wildflowers.


  11. Beautiful photos. I find peace just looking at them. I can hear the frogs singing. Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo

  12. What fun to get out and do some exploring! Yor ohotos are so, so beautiful. It looks like such tranquil place to just be.
    I can close my eyes and imagine the sounds you hear and the smells...I love the sweet smells of a woodland area.

    Sheila! Your garden mosaics are just gorgeous!

    Love and hugs,


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