~ In my garden this week ~ #8


The weather has been very co-operative this week. Lots of sun and enough rain to green up the lawns.
Cherries and Maples will soon be in flower.
greens and yellows
Above is forsythia, boxwood, moss and honeysuckle. blues and violets
reds and yellows
A clump of Scilla, & again in close up, volunteer muscari, and violets. The violets and muscari are popping up everywhere. I began digging them out of the lawn but gave up, there were so many.
The tulips are all in flower, and a few narcissus.
I actually cleared out the shed on Saturday!!
I took photos…before and after, but I had problems posting them as they were too large. I’ll add them next week.. What an improvement, I found things I had forgotten we had! Above is part of the border on the west side of the garden. It is to be this weeks project. It’s gone wild, and there are still things emerging. I waited until now so I would have a better idea of just what is in there.
What’s happening in your garden this week?


  1. I have to take my camera in for some cleaning and to see what else it needs. Isn't that just the pits. I won't be taking much for awhile.

    Your garden looks great. I think you are further along than we are, but we didn't get snow this week. That is a plus.

  2. I really like those violets... so pretty and purple. With your climate you get some really nice plants growing not like here where its always too hot and the plants like roses even get scorched!

    in my garden - um... nothing happening! But will be sowing some nasturtiums sooon.

  3. Another set of lovely pictures! I love that you post these every week! xo

  4. It's looking lovely Sheila. Our has gone a bit bonkers because we've had plenty of rain and sunshine, but it's looking lush!

  5. The flowers you have in bloom are so gorgeous, love all the colours. My tulips are just about ready to open, as well as a few daffodils. I haven't noticed any buds on the trees yet (except for my lilac tree) so you're a bit ahead of us there:-) I was out earlier to look at all the perennials I have and noticed that all of them are starting to have shoots coming out so I was glad to see they all survived the Winter, as well as my rose bushes in the faerie garden. Right now it's sunny and 13c...I'm enjoying it:-) xoxo

  6. How fun for you to anticipate and make discoveries in your yard. Not much new here but a fresh crop of weeds pops up every week it seems.
    Still waiting for my purple rose bush to get some buds.

  7. Your garden looks wonderful, Sheila. Things are poppin' out all over!


  8. Hi Sheila,
    Your garden must be so lovely right now. Springtime is just the most delightful time in the garden.

  9. May is so wonderful with all her little flowers popping out all over! In Florida the soil is so very sandy and people are encouraged toplant only native species, because of the envirnmental concerns of the wetlands. It is all very interesting and I a mgoing to a seminar on local plants! Yay!

  10. Your garden is looking good. Here, the tulips are starting to go over and the columbines, hardy geraniums and iris are getting ready to take centre stage. The apple blossom is starting as well, the crabs are fully out but the ordinary ones are just on the way. Everything looks lush - it's a lovely time of year.

  11. Our Variety Show is over for another year so now I have time to get back to the blogging business! Your garden is lovely. Isn't it amazing that everything "springs" back to life once the weather gets a little warmer? Magical.


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