~ In my garden this week ~#11

Picnik collage
Very little has been done in the garden in the past week. The days seem to pass so quickly, with errands to run, and visitors dropping by. Instead when I had a few moments, I have spent them sitting on the deck with PH, and enjoying the weather.
The cherry trees were in bud, but when they opened there were no petals! This has happened in other years, when we have had a cold spring. So no cherries this year.
Slowly, all the perennials have emerged and are filling in bare spots. There is still a lot to do, some of the borders were dug over, and organic fertilizer was added. I am undecided as to what to buy, other than a weeping mulberry. In the early years of our marriage we moved every 4 years or so. I would get the garden organized and would plant a weeping mulberry. Then it occurred to me some years later that each time I planted one, we would move. Being tired of moving, I refused to plant one here, but after 22 years I think it’s safe now!
What’s happening in your garden this week?


  1. Sitting in the garden is wonderful! It's what they are for! We love to sit outside whenever we can. Sunday was spent doing the laundry which we dry outside all year round (only use the tumble-dryer to finish them off sometimes).
    Our garden is very green right now. It is only small but we pack a lot in. DH is always tweaking and knows every leaf!
    The first thing he did when we got back from our week away was to go outside and check his garden.

  2. My garden looks a lot better since I mowed the lawn... er, I mean, weeds!
    At least they are green.
    I spent the last 2 mornings digging out the compost pile and putting it all through the compost seive, I got about 8 wheelbarrow loads and spread it all on the various flower beds. Some lovely juicy worms went with it! So now I have planted some zuccini seeds in what remains of the compost.

  3. what an absolutely delightful collage of garden photos, Sheila! so peaceful and calming..that is odd about your cherries, because here they are grown in cold districts.. but I guess not as cold as where you live!
    hope all is well.. I am slowly coming back to blogging ~ Thinking of you everyday xo

  4. Your garden photos always look so pretty.

    About the only thing happening in my garden is the grass is green and growing! Does that count?

  5. Hi Mumsie :)
    Your garden looks brilliant. As usual!
    I hope you can lend a green thumb when it comes time to do mine. I'll need the help!
    Enjoy your week~

  6. Your garden looks wonderful, Sheila. When we were younger, we'd move about every 3 or 4 years so I never really saw my garden mature. We've been at this house for 12 years now, so I'm enjoying the everything I've planted.

    Enjoy your week!

  7. Lots of blooming happening in your garden Sheila.."bloom where you're planted" is the quote that comes to mind as I read your post..smiling
    Here it's a busy time playing catch up in my garden. Wish it was warmer though..today there's was a chill!!

  8. Dear shelia,
    I also have things to do in the gardens. Yet I seem to enjoy the time spent visiting with hubby and friends more than weeding!
    Come this weekend I must get some seed splanted.
    So glad all is going well. I shall keep you and hubby in my thoughts.
    Enjoy summer!

  9. Sheila! Your garden looks so lovely! It could be in Sunset magazine... the photos are awesome! I can see why you enjoy this time after the winter.

    Just beautiful!


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