~ In my garden this week #10 ~

Picnik collage
Above are photos of the garden at the front of our house, and below shows the back, taken on Sunday afternoon.. Picnik collage 2

I’m spending time in the garden as the weather permits. We have had every season except winter since Friday.

I’m slowly achieving my goals, but have a long way to go yet. I deadheaded most of the Spring bulbs, and filled in the gaps with verbena in a cerise colour, and with hot pink geraniums. Sunday (today) was spent removing all the weeds from the flower beds in the back garden. The next step will be to thin the overgrown perennials, and decide what shrubs to plant.

PH is back in hospital for surgery on Wednesday, so I won’t have much time for gardening. The good news is he is officially retired on June 4th, his birthday. He won’t be back at work between now and then however, and once he is recovered from this procedure, he is looking forward to helping in the garden.

What’s happening in your garden this week?


  1. Your garden, both front and back, looks so nice and tidy! It's been so cold and windy today, I went to an art show at Sharon Temple and had to wear a coat AND a scarf! I'll be posting pics in a couple of days, Sharon Temple is a fascinating place.
    Don't forget to cover up any tender annuals, there's frost forecast for tonight.

  2. Everything looks so green and lush there! It's so blazing hot here that the plants are wilting.
    I'll keep your husband in my prayers.
    I know you'll enjoy his help and company in the garden as he recovers.

  3. I hate that Ivo is back having more surgery, but praying for a quick and as pain free as possible recovery.

    My garden, well, I'm still hesitating to plant much and I think the rhubarb didn't make it. Sigh!

  4. Aloha Sheila,
    Your *little* house is just lovely!!
    It's nice to follow thru your growing season and see what you do.
    my garden is over run with critters this year..lol..
    OH, i was so excited, my humming bird showed up tonight and she looks pregnant.. :)
    peace, kai xx

  5. p.s..
    I have Ivo on my serenity table. It's a little place in my garden where i light jos-sticks..
    peace, kai

  6. Pretty flowers all in a row! Hope your hub is okay! Soon he will be tending the garden!

  7. retirement is the magic word my Dh loves to think of too. He too will be releived not to have to go back to work, as your dh will find more time to do things with you in the garden! what a lovely thought.

    good luck with surgery for your dh!

  8. the plants look healthy and well attended to. it must be a joy just to sit there and watch 'em.

  9. Charming, and well looked after your garden appears!

    I hope all the procedure goes well!

    My husband pulled weeds for the first time in 26 years last weekend. It put him in a foul mood, but my heart was singing :). Our yard is huge and planting is my favorite part, the weeds have had their days with me. His turn to battle the weeds!

  10. Keeping you and your hubby in my blessings.
    It will be nice to have him home and helping in the yard. I have more work to do than I can ever do!
    I need my husband to retire too!

  11. You are both in my prayers :)

    Ilove your garden...it looks so pristine and tidy, Sheila :)

    I have just posted again...only managing one a month now...never mind :)


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