~ A walk on the wild side ~

Sunday was glorious. Blue skies and birds singing, and I managed to persuade PH come for a walk with me. We decided to take a walk along the creek, where there is a trail that runs right through the city to the Lake.
Children fishing in the creek. It's not very deep here, but we were concerned as there were no parents to supervise them.
Not many days ago the water completely covered this area and was deep and fast moving.
It has eroded the banks and left lots of damage in paved areas.
The blackbird silhouetted against the blue sky was singing loudly, and so we followed him.
Under the old railway bridge and along the banks of the creek.
Is this colts foot does anyone know?
I held my breath when I saw the patch of blue. They are blue bells, and when I looked up the hill behind us there was a garden filled with them. They have found their way down to the creek bank. I'm so excited, as anyone who knows me knows how I feel about these flowers..!
There are lots of felled trees here. They have been left as nurse logs, and are home to many birds, animals and insects.
I wonder who lives here?
One of hundreds of old willows along this trail. You can see by the grass it really isn't Springlike yet.
The ledges of rock make gently flowing rapids. The road above this part of the walk is called Mill St. perhaps many years ago there was a mill here? This area looks entirely different as the weather improves. These pictures are from just a 3km stretch. We hope to walk the entire 22 km, over the course of the summer.
HAPPY EARTH DAY to everyone..!


  1. You are right, Sheila...it is a colt's foot. What a lovely walk...and bluebells along the way...:)

    I love a carpet of bluebells in the woods. We see them here from now until May. They are so typical of an English woodland scene, with roe deer nearby, though we have them in Scotland too :)

  2. this looks to be a wonderful walk... a good thing to do
    Happy Earth Day

  3. Aloha Sheila,
    It's such a treat to see what you do from your walk, it hailed here today, so just a quick walk with my puppies..
    I wonder who lives in the tree? lol..
    happy earth day, Peace, Kai xx

  4. Happy Earth Day, Sheila! It looks like you and PH had a great walk. Lots of pretty flowers and bits of Mother Nature.

  5. What a lovely post Sheila. I am happy you found some bluebells. It looks like you have a nice patch of earth to enjoy...even with the damage from the storms. Soon it will be green and have more blooms.

  6. What beautiful photos, love the bluebells.


  7. This looks like a lovely walk and the photographs are great. Good that there is lots more still to explore as well. The yellow flowers could be coltsfoot, can't see them that clearly but they should have flowers and no leaves at this stage.

  8. it is so beautiful there. Soul soothing!

  9. What a nice walk that was! Enjoyed your pictures, especially the flowers.

  10. What a lovely spring walk, Sheila.


  11. wonderful, wonderful pictures.

  12. Yes, that's colt's foot, it's one of the first spring flowers to show her face to the sunshine. I'll be out walking in my local conservation area soon.... but no time right now as we are deep into preparations and rehearsals for our Variety Show next week.
    You're not far away, Sheila... why don't you and hubby come to the show? I can save you a couple of tickets at the door.....????

  13. a gorgeous post Sheila.. very peaceful, welcoming me back after my little time away... some of those photos are just beautiful xo

  14. Hi Sheila,
    What a scenic place to enjoy all the wonders of Nature! Those bluebells look so pretty along the trail.

  15. Hello dear Sheila:-)

    Finally catching up with you! I wish I could walk this trail with you, such wonderful nature on it! We have a creek similar to yours behind our place and I love walking out there but haven't done so this year yet as it was still pretty wet from all the snow just melting and then all the rain we had. Hope you have a wonderful week my friend. xoxo


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