~ Playing house ~

I have an unscheduled day off today, so I'm really enjoying it. It feels like being truant from school..not that I would ever have done anything like that..!
I have several chores on my to-do list, so I shall pick one or two (easy ones) and play house.
I treated myself to yellow tulips yesterday, and have them in my favourite Brambly Hedge Picnic vase, the one with the bluebells on it. I still had flowers from my anniversary last month but they were just about done, so I clipped the best daisy and floated it in a cup and saucer.
Whatever you are doing have fun today..xx


  1. Sheila simple indulgences are good for the soul!
    Ummm...today I am going shopping at the Biltmore and then dare I say it...sit by the pool!!!! I know this was mean..tee hee..hugs

  2. Oh that Anna, she sure is mean mentioning sitting by the pool! hehe Good for you for having a day off, dear Sheila, I do hope you enjoy it to the fullest. I just finished baking my angel food cake to decorate for Easter...I always bake it and then freeze it until I need to frost it, makes one less thing to make on Easter day! xoxo

  3. Those daffodils will be beautiful when they open. I just picked some lilac to bring in and am loving the fragrance..
    Enjoy your time off and indulge yourself..

  4. Simple is always the best and most precious! This post gave me a smile and I thought of you, happily fluffing and adding sweet Spring to your home! I love Brambly Hedge too!


  5. Yellow tulips! How perfectly Springtime-y! I hope you enjoy your truant day.

    PS - I like your new profile photo!

  6. I love the daisy in the teacup!
    Your sweet New Rose is a darlingxx

  7. You are really a flower lover at heart Sheila! Way to go girl.

  8. This is so pretty Sheila.
    love the daisy in the teacup...
    Less is more!
    I also enjoy your garden postings.

  9. Hope you enjoyed your day. The tulips are so pretty and I love the vase and doily.

  10. The flowers really bring Spring 'inside'. Love the Brambly Hedge vase. I've still got the books from when Tim was little!
    Have a lovely Easter.

  11. my computer is falling apart - didnt even see that youd updated... blogger is not allowing any updates on this puter... so have a lovely easter!!

  12. Aloha Sheila,
    that's a cupful of soul food :) simple n pure..
    peace, Kai


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