~ In my garden this week ~ #7

I am having problems with my computer. I tried to prepare this post last evening without success, and today it is even less co-operative. Instead I will post a collage of what can be seen in the garden this week. Top to bottom, right to left..

  • Daffodils
  • Scilla (siberica)
  • Cherry tree, and visitor
  • Scilla and tulips (tulips ready to flower)
  • Oops! repeat..!
  • Narcissus
  • Forsythia
  • Foxglove
  • Lamb's Ears
  • Peonies
  • Bridal veil, daffodils
  • Rhubarb
  • Violets
  • Ninebark (coppertina)
  • Lily of the Valley
  • More daffodils
Also coming along nicely,
  • Abelia
  • Penstemon (red rocks)
  • Hydrangea (Annabella)
  • Pear tree, now coming in to leaf
  • Day lilies
  • Forget-me-nots
  • Hyacinths
  • Shasta daisies (snow cap)
  • Alpine currant
  • Willow (blue arctic)
A large box wood shrub, (I don't remember where it came from or why it is planted where it is,) is covered with funny little blossoms this week and is attracting the bees. We were visited by a mocking bird this week, the first time I have seen them in our garden. The gazebo was installed and the next day we were hit with strong winds and heavy rain; feeling we had jumped the gun a little we have removed the top, and it will be re-installed when we can be sure of continuous good weather.
For those like me, who tend to buy plants they like rather than what is suitable, the above guides are useful. I wondered why plants that aren't hardy in our zone are sold here, but I have found that if they are planted in a sheltered location they will grow. But it is touch and go from year to year as to whether they will reappear in spring.
What is happening in your garden this week?


  1. so good to be seeing colours again isn't it? I just went for a lovely walk around Queen's Park and the Daffodils are splended!

  2. Aloha Sheila..
    Your garden is gorgeous and you have Rhubarb!! yum!! lol.
    This week in my *Garden* mud fest is coming along nicely, thanks to my doggies digging skills. The supreme blanket of green out in front of my house is delicately pickled with Dandelions, violets and bunnies enjoying the free salad!
    Um, the honey suckle is enjoying it's sneaky manouver to take over the left hedgerow and we have a pair of Downy woodpecker that have moved into the tree out front..
    So life in my nature reserve is coming along nicely..lol
    PEace, Kai xx

  3. Hi Sheila,
    You have lots coming up in your garden, and so pretty! It's enjoyable to watch as it grows.

    We are in full bloom here in NC. The roses smell so sweet on the back patio. The temps are rising and the veggie garden is doing wonderful.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Dear Sheila,
    So much is happening in your gardens. Spring is always up and down in my gardens. It cool and wet today. Lots of rain over night.
    I so love the mockingbirds. They have a huge range for their morning and evening song.
    It is a joy to see your blooms.
    I am not sure why I sometimes have Blogger trouble...frustrating when it happens. Glad you found a way to post.

  5. Today was like the middle
    of summer here north of Toronto. Spring has
    finally started to arrive, and I am waiting for my rhubarb. I see you have some. Thought the snow would never uncover mine.

  6. I haven't had a lot of time to inspect my garden, as I've been so busy with prep and rehearsal for our variety show. But I did notice that my rhubarb is doing very well already! mmmm rhubarb pie!
    Your garden is looking very nice, isn't it wonderful so see how fast the leaves open up on the trees and shrubs?
    I have a big chestnut tree outside my window.... the "sticky buds" are a little bigger every day.

  7. wlways wish summer was here once spring has started, I can asuure you that you are not alone when it comes to doing things too early!!

  8. Dear Sheila! Thank you for coming by my new blog! When you guys come to Florida...we simply must get together ! Ta Ta! I have to say, this place is my kind of town, ha! I love your garden. It is so pretty and full of gorgeous flowers.

  9. I know what you mean, I love things like Gardenias, but they just don't grow here. So why do they sell them? This week the bees attached themselves to our hummingbird feeder.
    Ewww!Lee fixed it for me.
    Your garden is REALLY Lovely!

  10. Sheila how wonderful is it to go out into your garden and be surrounded by all these early Spring flowers! I don't have as many but perhaps it's because I don't plant many bulbs..usually away and miss their show.Several of my perinnials like the lilies,hydrangeas,coming along too.
    I'm having loads of problems with PC..and it's all Blogger related!!Argh!!

  11. krissie at winterwoodApril 29, 2009 at 10:28 AM

    I am 'green' with envy here as our garden starts to prepare for its winter sleep... nothing much is happening here at all while yours is blooming and marvelous! your collage is so pretty!!

  12. Oops! Sorry bout that! Your list of plants sounds lovely. So glad that spring has finally sprung for you. Enjoy your gazy-bo! Hugs, Lynda

  13. We are moving off daffodils and on to tulips and the late spring flowers now. Magnolia is finishing and crab apple and apple blossom is just starting. I have a wonderful daphne flowering that smells just heavenly, I get a great waft of it every tinme I go up and down the drive especially after dark. I'm a great buyer of plants when I have absolutely nowhere to plant them!

  14. We have none of this here yet. You must be in way southern Ontario. Or else it's because we had all that snow.


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