~ In my garden this week ~ #6

I am posting a little early this week, as I have lots to do tomorrow. I made some progress this week in the garden. We bought a new gazebo for the deck and PH installed it. I don't have the photos of the final product, but will post them next week.
This is as far as he got on Friday evening. It's 10' x 10' and makes a big difference to how long I can sit outside in the summer. This has mosquito screens too so we will enjoy sitting out there in the evenings. I have been collecting seeds for the last little while and some were sent to us by advertisers. A good idea don't you think? Still haven't found wall flowers Lynda, but I have one more place in mind before I give up the search.
We had good weather this week and the blue skies are such a welcome sight. I love taking photos of it through the bare tree branches.
A closer look shows buds on the tree, but they don't seem to have progressed since the beginning of the month. I hate to say it, but we need some rain.
We had some visitors too. The next two pictures are taken from the dining room window so they are not as clear as they could be. Opening the door would have scared them away, so this is the best I could do. I had seen the robin in the cedar hedge a few times and wondered if she was nesting. It turns out she was trying to take the green 'string' that we had used to support the hedge last winter, when heavy snow had weighed the young trees down. Mrs Robin had been patiently working at the knots, and was now at the other end trying to loosen them there. How she would have flown off with about 12 feet of string I'm not sure.
Of course while all this is going on who is sitting underneath the hedge, watching a bit too closely, but Billy from next door. I think he realises I've clocked him here, but he refused to move, even when I went out later. What a determined little **Billy** he is!
Finally, we have blooms..!! The daffodils have buds and the crocuses are out.
The scilla and the tulips are nearly there too.
What is happening in your garden this week..?


  1. So glad that you have some signs of spring after your long winter. And a gazebo - what a lucky girl you are!

  2. Your garden looks like it is coming along! New growth is being seen!
    I love the expression the cat in the bushes has on it's face!

    We need some rain too... the temp is in the 90's (It is only April ~ Uhggg)
    We need rain!

    Ivo looks really good! I hope all is well?

  3. Hey gorgeous :)
    Love the garden shots, and my handsome father! Wow, is this a first? His blog debut?
    Good news. Jones is alive.
    He is living with the real estate agents behind. For real! I called him over to me tonight but he darted into my fenced in area thingie beside the outbuilding.
    So, it is a season of Jone's and Billy's.
    or, lose the apostrophe I don't know, and don't care!~
    Love you :)

  4. Sheila - love your garden updates... and everytime I come here its a suprise everytime, as your always changing your bloggy backgrounds...lol!

  5. About a week and a half ago I saw my first robin and she was hopping around on the snow...I felt so sorry for her and told her I doubted she'd find worms there! lol Now that all our snow is gone, the robins are keeping busy:-) Loved seeing all your pictures and you will love that gazebo. A couple of our neighbours have them and they love being able to sit out in the evenings, not bothered by mosquitoes. I need to invest in one too!!!

    No buds on our trees yet but we've been getting some rain so I'm sure that will help and soon there will be buds everywhere. My crocuses are in full bloom but my tulips, daffodils and lilies haven't budded yet.

    Billy looks so much like the stray mama I've been feeding...I'm hoping I'm feeding her enough that she won't want to chase the birds! lol xoxo

  6. Aloha Sheila,
    It's so good to get out and into the garden.. I like seeing all the creatures in your Garden..even HB lol.
    I thought you'd have the same rains as us.. hmm..Well, no matter by the time I stop in for tea, the gazebo should be up? :)
    PEace n hugs, Kai

  7. Always such beautiful photos Sheila!
    That naughty Billy! Look at that handsome husband of yours!!
    The new gazebo will be just perfect this Summer. Lucky you!


  8. Hello Shiela! Lots happening in your Spring garden! I'm home now and get to relive Spring all over again..watching my world wake up from it's winter sleep!I must admit..a bit of a shock after being surrounded by green and flowers and color in Arizona!! smiles to you! hugs NG

  9. You wanted rain for the garden?
    I think your wish came true today!
    I think my daffs grew 4 inches today, they were very thirsty and are really appreciating this wet weather.

  10. Ccus are one flower I hardly have any of in my garden. I must remedy this for next year!!

  11. I see spring is coming your way. How nice to have a gazebo ~ I know you will enjoy it!

    Have fun planting seeds. Did I see some sweet peas? (love them)!


  12. A Gazy Bo! You lucky girl!

    Just got back from a couple of glorious days away in the Cotswolds. So many photos to download!

    Will happily send you Wallflower seeds, but am wondering if they will survive your winter, being bi-annuals? I think it is worth a try! I plant ours mid-summer and they flower the following Spring.

  13. What gorgeous pics of the flowers!
    Enjoy your Gazebo.

  14. Everything is beginning to be prepared in your garden for a summer of enjoyment :)!

    My magnolia tree is blooming. My very favorite part of spring blossoms.

    Hope the rain comes your way!

  15. Hello, dear Sheila :)

    I am so snowed under with looking after my MIL, I am confined to blogging about once a month...

    I love your crocuses, the blue sky through the branches, and the idea of a lovely gazebo in your garden. Ivo looks great...in the photo he is so engrossed, he looks like a man with a mission in mind :)

    April always brings showers...and they will come to replenish your lovely garden, I'm sure :)

    I like your new header :)

  16. Thank you for your comments to my blog, Sheila! I always appreciate what you share when you visit, even if I am late to get back over here!

  17. do post pics of your gay zebra in the late spring or early summer when you've put in your furniture and decorated so to speak.

  18. Thanks for these beautiful glimpses of a spring that we don't have yet!


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