~ The Appointment~

It’s beautifully sunny and bright today, but not very warm. I had hoped to get into the garden and get cracking on some of the work that needs to be done. As it’s cool, I have chosen instead to have a 'me day’. I did a few household chores this morning, and then went for my mammogram. Not one of my favourite ways to pass the time, but necessary. I’m fortunate in that I am in the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP).
They recommend that women between 50 and 74 have breast screening every two years. They make it simple by sending me a reminder and all I have to do is make the appointment. Breast cancer is one of the main causes of cancer deaths in Ontario. The chances of getting breast cancer are greater as you get older.
I don’t look forward to this event, I don’t suppose any of us do. I am grateful it is available to me at no cost, and the peace of mind it gives me is priceless.
Now, I have the rest of the day to do what I fancy!


  1. I'm glad you don't have cancer, Sheila! Really glad and now you can have fun with your me day.

  2. Yes, I'm part of that breast screening program too. Not my favourite way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny spring day, but very necessary and I'm so glad it's available to me! I was there a month ago, and all clear, woohoo!

  3. Here in the UK all women over 50 are offered mammograms every two years or so. I always go for mine.

  4. Aloha Sheila,
    It's good that you get checked and are still healthy. I dont have any medical care here, so I have to rely on self checking and what my bod tells me.
    So what did you do with the rest of the day? something fun I hope?
    Peace, Kai

  5. UGH! I am glad they do this and do not appreciate the appt all at the same time!

    Glad it is done for you and over for now!

  6. What, you don't like what has been compared to lying on a cold cement garage floor and having a car runover your boob?

  7. I hope you enjoyed your "me day." And I am glad that you got your mammogram. Soooo important! It seems like every year that I get mine done, it hurts more than the previous year. I believe that you sent an e-mail that envolved a mommogram. Funny!

    I love seeing the photos of the rooms in your home. I look at every detail... makes me feel like I am there visiting you.



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