'Edison will forever be remembered for his contributions to the incandescent light bulb. Even though he didn't dream up the first light bulb ever crafted, and technology continues to change every day, Edison's work with light bulbs was a spark of brilliance on the timeline of invention. At the very beginning of his experiments with the incandescent lamp in 1879, he said:

"We are striking it big in the electric light, better than my vivid imagination first conceived. Where this thing is going to stop Lord only knows."'
(from the Franklin Institute)

"I have seen the future and it doesn't work"
Robert Fulford.

I don't know to what Robert Fulford was referring in his quote, but for me it works when referring to these horrible curly light bulbs. We have been told that by 2012 our familiar incandescent light bulbs will no longer be sold here. In an effort to save energy they will be replaced with small fluorescent lamps. It is said they provide the same amount of light, using a fraction of the energy used by incandescent bulbs and at a fraction of the cost to use. I have seen several articles and television reports recently that are concerned with their safety. They contain small amounts of mercury, and if accidentally broken, must be treated as hazardous waste. No vacuuming up of the glass lest mercury molecules are dispersed into the air. These lamp shards have to be placed securely in a container and disposed of in an authorized location, not in the kitchen waste bin. It is also recommended that you leave the room where the breakage occurred for 15 minutes. Stories of them arcing out and causing the bases to melt raise the question of fire hazard. Reports also warned that toxic mercury (which is used to produce UV light) inside the bulbs can aggravate a range of problems including migraines, eczema and dizziness for people who sit too close to them. On the plus side they are supposed to eliminate thousands of tons of greenhouse gasses. If they are disposed of incorrectly, could the greenhouse gasses be replaced with mercury in our water supply? I don't like them and I don't want to use them. When they were first introduced here a few years ago, I bought enough to replace every bulb in the house, but I was disappointed by the level of light. As an avid reader I found it insufficient.
For the last year I have been buying incandescent bulbs, a couple of packages per month and squirreling them away. I know, I'm a rebel. Has anyone else tried the new fluorescent lamps and if so what do you think of them?


  1. Eeeek! Sheila!
    Wow ~ I needed to read your rant..
    In Biology we have been talking about global warming and what we could do to help slow it down. The use of light bulbs versus fluorescent bulbs. What you have brought up, was not in class. This is very interesting.

    Now, I myself have replaced the lamps bulbs that we use the most, to fluorescent. I did that a long time ago. I didn't like it at first, but after a few minutes they were very bright. The information about how to dispose of them does bother me though. I will be bringing this up in class tomorrow.

    Thank you Sheila for ranting.

  2. p.s. I don't like the curly light bulbs either. I really don't know what they were thinking about when they invented that shape.

    pfffft ~

  3. I couldn't agree with you more!! I've bought one of those curly bulbs and hated the cold light from it, let alone the mercury issue!
    I read one article quite a while ago about there being the possibility of another type of light bulb being made utilizing the LED technology. I hope they bring that to market because as it stands now I'm not going to be using curly bulbs for as long as I can possibly avoid it. And I'm doing the same as you -- buying and tucking away the other bulbs.

  4. We've got most of ours switched over. They seem ok once you get used to them.

  5. DH has put the darned things everywhere he can. I don't like the light they give out. However, they do reduce the electric bill and are supposed to benefit the environment, although I wasn't aware, until now, that they were such a hazard should they break.

  6. Sheila
    The light from these bulbs seems bluish rather than the bright sunny light from incandescent bulbs...yet I thought they were better for the environment.
    Mercury in H2O doesn't sound good.

  7. I think the new bulbs stink! The level of light is too low, & the risk to the environment & our health is too high.
    I have always felt that fluorescent light was bad for humand, & after all, that is all the new 'curly' light bulbs are, masquerading as some ***** new light saviour!

  8. I love the fact that I don't have to change light bulbs so often but, hate the thought of how they have to be disposed of. I also don't like the fact that they seem to dim over time. As far the curlyness. The new ones I bought look like regular bulbs. At least that is a step up because I hate the look of the curly ones. Love Hugs and Blessings

  9. How about, They suck! I think that is fairly accurate and succinct!

  10. hehe I picked a good day to visit! I entirely agree, how on earth can it be eco friendly to force people to save a bit of electricity by using bulbs that end up causing huge issues with toxic waste disposal?? And it is a lie, they do NOT produce as much light, we struggle to read, even with every light in the room on!

    Apart from that, good to see you looking great and happy, love those cute glasses! Suze

  11. Hi Sheila,
    I totally agree with you. I don't like the bulbs either. They don't make enough light for reading and I don't like the glow they give off, it's not a warm glow. However, I have one on the back porch and one on the garage which I keep on all the time and they seem to last forever. That's a good thing.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

  12. Madison is just a beautiful little girl and her gram looks pretty happy that she has arrived. Congraduations to the whole family. I agree with you about the light bulbs. My daughter has used them and I am not so sure about them.

  13. Hate them!!!
    I wish I had thought of stocking up.. it seems to be too late here as all I can find are the fluoro bulbs. I hate them. the light is dreadful to read by, like candle light.. and anyhow, now I am reading that global warming is really just normal weather cycles.. sheesh.

  14. I hear you! I hate when anyone tells me what to do. But having said that, I did replace all my bulbs and found my elec bill nicely lowered. I do buy mainly all 100 watt so they are pretty bright. They are also coming out with mercury free bulbs, but it may take awhile to phase them in completely. Good Luck!


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