~PHotography by PH~

Today was a beautiful day, sunny and bright but still with a nip of Winter in the air. I was at work, so PH went for a drive and took some photos. He's tired of sitting around the house, and wants to go back to work. He had his last surgery over 3 weeks ago, but we have yet to get the biopsy results. He's feeling quite well, but anxiety is taking it's toll. His follow up appointment has been cancelled twice while his surgeon's office waits for the results. He now has to go in on the 24th. I hope the results will be back at that time, they gave us some vague reasons for the delay, but none of them seem valid. We are hoping they have not been lost, as it will mean him going through all this again. Thank you from both of us for all the inquiries as to how he is doing, also for your good wishes. I'm trying to stay positive, but it is always in the back of my mind. I owe several of you emails, and I hope you understand my thoughts are a bit scattered at the present. I will post news as we get it.
The pictures are of Rice Lake, at Gore's Landing about 50 minutes North of where we live. The lake is finally thawing, but as you can see still has patches of ice on it. It is very pretty in summer, and for a few years we kept a small boat here.


  1. It's nice to see the ice melting again. Did you have a cottage on Rice lake?

  2. What your PH is doing, is very good therapy for him. Part of Charlie's options is music, art, touch therapy, and anything that helps to express oneself through this time is oh so helpful. I wish Charlie would take more part in these options that are available to him.

    Sounds like there is more stories to be told about Rice Lake. I can see why PH was drawn there. Memories. It looks beautiful.

    ((Hugging you))

  3. Maybe you need to send him out with the camera more often! I especially like the barn and silo shot.
    I hope they can find his results and him not have to go through that again.

  4. Sheila I know very well the anxiety one feels while waitng for results from biopsys.Best to stay busy and posative as I know you and your DH are. Sending hugs and sunshine..Spring is here!!NG

  5. Oh, I do hope the news is good. I am sorry to hear of the stressful delays. You each remain in my thoughts and prayers! Lovely picts.

  6. The waiting for test results can be so stressful. I'm glad your dh was able to get out and enjoy some of the beauty of your area. What a lovely little lake.

  7. What lovely scenery, very tranquil.

    I hope and pray good news is coming your way.

    Hugs, Lynda

  8. The lake pictures are beautiful.
    All that waiting is enough to make a healthy person get sick!
    Love and prayers to you all.

  9. oh the waiting game! its hell isnt it with any results from a doc! hope you get them soon.

    brr...still looking a little cold there, but no doubt youare closer eaach day to warmer weather!

  10. Bless his heart! Waiting is just awful. You and he have been in my prayers and heart...even when I do not leave comments like I should.

    I love his photos and so glad to see he is staying busy and what a great way of doing just that!


  11. Hello! I found your blog when tracing links to my website. Your photos are beautiful & of course, I love the ones of Gore's Landing because that's where I am. Thank-you for the link to my walking tour guide of G.L. Please drop in to Smallbones the next time you visit the hamlet. I've lived here for over 10 years & love everything about it.
    I sympathize with your situation about the health of PH.
    Thank-you again for the link. I hope to meet you one day.

  12. am sending you and PH a metta:
    May you be well and happy;
    may you be strong confident and peaceful;
    may you have ease and well-being.

    Also, LOVE the pics


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