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 It is hard to believe it has been two years since our last visit to Portugal. We went in the Spring, when the almond blossom is in bloom. How can you feel homesick for a place that is not your home? I felt I belonged, that I had come home the first time I visited there and that feeling only became stronger each time we went. On our last visit in 2007, I was so upset the day we left. I told my husband, I have a feeling that we will never be back here. It was so strong and stayed with me for weeks after we returned home. I often "re-visit" by way of my photographs and when I do the old longing returns.
In response to all the queries (THANK YOU..xxx) to PH's health and the latest results...it was not the news we had hoped for. The cancer was still there. It has not become invasive, and the Dr. suggests we take a watchful, waiting approach. No more treatment until PH returns for another procedure in three months. It is removed with each procedure, but despite BCG therapy between times it had returned. We are assured that the chances of it becoming invasive in the next 3 months are slim, so PH will return to work on Monday, and we will get on with our lives. He is in great spirits, and very positive about the situation, so how can I be anything else.
I hope to visit everyone in the next while, between the new baby and hospital appointments, the time flies.
Have a wonderful weekend ..!


  1. Sheila I understand about looking back on your photos taken in Portugal.They are wonderful by the way!
    I look back on my Europeon trip and cannot believe that I was actually there. I long to return to France and Germany. While here in AZ I am trying to really take everything in because we leave in a month.When I return home I'll wish I were still here.
    Wishing your hubby all the best in health. One day at a time. hugs aNNa

  2. Hi Sheila,
    I remember reading the posts about your trip to Portugal. Hard to believe that two years have passed!
    Although the news about your dh is not what you hoped for, his positive upbeat attitude is certainly an example we could all do well to follow..

  3. Its funny how you connect with a place. I often wonder it was a place we had lived in a past life!
    So glad to hear hubby is well and returning to work!

  4. Your husband's attitude is inspiring. I'm sorry that the news wasn't entirely good and I'm sending you hugs and kisses for courage.

  5. I like your new profile pic Sheila! I see you look over your glasses like I do! :O)
    Sending best wishes and healing vibes to you and PH. Portugal awaits.....

  6. I love your photos of Portugal! I recall that the posts you did on your visit sparked an interest in me to want to see every part of the world! I never felt like that before.

    sending you bunches of hugs Sheila

  7. The fact that PH has a good attitude is the best sign. Glad to hear that things will return to some kind of normalcy. As always love and prayers go out to you all.

  8. I know the news wasn't as good as you had hoped but the fact that your hubby has a positive attitude is so important. That in itself can be the best help of all.

    PS - Happy anniversary!!!

  9. Krissie at WinterwoodMarch 29, 2009 at 5:56 AM

    Portugal looks so beautiful! no wonder youd like to return there for another visit! Never say never Sheila!! I briefly visited spain and thats another gorgeous place especially up in the Pyrranean mountains.

    Wishing hubby all the best, and I echo what the others are saying re this matter. Positive thoughts to you both!!!

  10. Oh, Sheila, This is not the news we wanted, and yet it isn't terrible news. I just want everyone to be well and healthy. Still Ivo is doing well, so we'll take the good news and run with it. One of my dear friends went out to Wash. DC(where he'd accepted a job just before he found out he has renal cancer that is particularly vicious!) to be with her hubby who is dying very quickly with two young sons at home yet. I'm so glad that you aren't in her shoes and I know you wish her the best, just as we are doing for you!

  11. first of all I am sorry that the cancer is still there but honestly, miracles do happen as we know. So lets pray for one here..

    second - you know, Portugal is part of your soul Being married to Portuguese husband for so many years, it cannot help but be part of the soul.. his soul has merged with yours
    and you just take your time visiting blogs, i know how hard it is when life takes over and we feel guilty for not visiting blog friends.. don't worry dear Sheila.. friends will stick around xoxo

  12. Those photographs are so lovely - it's easy to see why you fell in love with Portugal. I've only been twice but I loved it too. I think your DH's positive attitude will do a great deal to help both him and you, hopefully all will be well eventually. I'm sure you will go back to your beloved Portugal - why not start planning a trip for next Spring?

  13. Looking at those pictures it's understandable why you love that country so much. Maybe you will get to go there again.
    Sorry to hear about the cancer but it's good that he has a positive attitude and is able to go back to work.

  14. Dearest Sheila,

    Thank you so much for the update on your husband. Having a positive attitude is half the battle and please know that my prayers continue to be with him.

    I hope with all my heart that you will return to Portugal one day, I know how much you love it there. Finding a place where we feel such peace is very rare. xoxo

  15. Dear Sheila,

    I'm sorry to hear that the cancer has returned. I will keep him in my prayers, and I hope you can keep your spirits up, my dear.


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