~ In my garden this week ~ #3

The original Buddha photo vanished! I have since added a newer one of the same statue.
A mixed bag of weather graced us this week. Warm sunny days mixed with wet and windy ones. Yesterday we had torrential rain, breaking records that had stood for over fifty years. By evening the sun shone in clear blue skies promising hope for today. Alas it did not keep it's promise, the day dawned cloudy and cool, and tiny flakes of snow are borne on the wind.
The last of the snow mountain on my front lawn has melted, and the grass has greened up considerably. At the back the lawn still resembles a matted straw carpet, punctuated with emerald green weeds, which thrive regardless of the conditions.
I was unable to find pansies, and the weather prevented me from doing anything useful in the garden. I took a few photos, and bought two gardening magazines* to inspire and remind me that I will surely be able to get out there soon. The geese never completely leave, but the "fair weather" ones have been flying over, heading North with more frequency this week. They stop and peck our lawns looking for snacks to sustain them on their journey. We have had several different birds stopping at the feeder too. White breasted Nuthatches have been visiting, they are new to us. As usual I was not quick enough to photograph them! We keep the Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Birds handy to help identify new visitors.
What is happening in your garden this week?
*Canadian Gardening *Ontario Gardener
"The first day of spring is one thing,
and the first spring day is another.
The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month."
~ Henry Van Dyke, Fisherman's Luck, 1899~


  1. I quite like the picture of the Buddha.

  2. we have buddhas in the garden too...


  3. Aloha sheila,
    I'm glad to hear PH is on the mend, good news indeed..
    In my garden this week..bulbs are pushing up in places I didn't plant, The honeysuckle is getting ready for another campaign of invasive growing, (Im ready for it..lol)
    and Im slowly putting the summer items back out, wind chimes etc..
    How does your garden grow? :)
    peace, kai

  4. Sheila ~ I think your post is lovely. I loved how you expressed yourself with the words you chose to describe the weather, your yard and well... just everything! giggle ~ I have noticed that I am paying more attention than usual since I have been attending the English Language Arts class. Although, I always find pleasure in reading your blog or anything you write for that matter.

    I hope you find your spring very soon!


    bunches of hugs

  5. Sheila,

    I love that buddha and your garden too. We got snow yesterday... Can't see much of my garden at all. Soon I hope


  6. I am just about ready to post about my garden - it is pouring here in Woodford right now and the temps have plummeted.. I just went to the co-op and had to wear a scarf.. well, I guess it is autumn.. and of course spring will be there soon for you

    I love the geese & your Buddha in the garden. Pansies are for sale here now, for autumn planting.

  7. My garden still has some icy patches and lots of squishy dead leaves that didn't get raked in the fall! I made a start at raking them up but didn't get very far, perhaps i'll continue today as the sun is shining right now. Won't it be nice to get out in the garden again????

  8. Hi Sheila! Your garden is looking fab! Portland is blooming like crazy. Cherry trees are incredible. All kinds of othr trees too Flowers everywhere. But it is very rainy..for days!

  9. Love that quote, Sheila. The Buddha is nice to have in the garden.


  10. I love seeing your garden, no matter what mood it is in.

  11. The magnolia is starting to flower and I have the first tulips out as well. I'm slowly working my way through all the beds cleaning and forking them over. A long way still to go and it's slow as my neck and shoulders are being a tad unco-operative!

  12. Hi Sheila! I think Spring has come to your world finally..Spring showers bring May flowers!
    Each morning the Canada geese fly overhead on route back home!! Makes me miss home just a bit..still enjoying the sunshine here for yet another month!
    sending sunshine hugs NG

  13. You're so lucky that all of your snow has now left...we still have quite a bit of it here, even snowbanks! I can honestly say that I'm totally fed up with seeing snow on the ground since the start of November!!! lol I can't even see if my tulips or daffodils are starting to come up since there's still a couple feet of snow on my flowerbeds. I think I'll have to move South since there's no snow there! lol xoxo

  14. That's what I need in my yard. A buddha meditation area. Thank you for the idea!


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