~ In my garden this week~ #2

The weather is slowly warming up. We wake to a frost, but it is soon burned off by the sun. Temperatures are expected to go into double digits this week, with rain on Wednesday and Thursday.There is still not much activity in my garden. I took a stroll around on Saturday afternoon, and the lawn is still very soft, while areas in the flowers beds are still frozen hard. There are still some seed heads from last year, and now there is new growth from the crowns I hope to remove the stalks from the plants by next weekend. A potential problem is mould in the grass. It comes in the forms of long fibrous strands, a fungus perhaps..? I googled it, and it seems it is common after prolonged wet periods, and our Winter was nothing if not prolonged this year. It recommends various fungicides, but I am not keen to apply them. We have lots of small animal visitors to the garden, wild and domestic and I wouldn't risk harming them. As long as the rain this week is not too heavy, I'm hoping the fungus/mould will dry out, and after being raked and letting the air to it, I'm hoping it dies off. The daffodils, tulips and sedum are showing growth. There are still quite a few of last years leaves around. They did provide some protection from the elements, but now it's time to remove them and let the sun get at the soil. There are small new leaves on the honeysuckle and the buds on the cherry trees are getting bigger.
This week we had visits from several robins, and I spotted several flocks of birds heading North.
Weather permitting I shall plant pansies in the small garden at the front of the house and see if I can prepare pots for planting. What's happening in your garden this week..?


  1. I've never seen that mold before..
    These high winds are drying everything out that was just planted.
    I'm seeing lots of color around the patio though (pansies, petunias, marigolds and primroses)

  2. Oh cherry trees, how lovely! I just planted some more impatiens, petunias and phlox.
    Thanks for the tip about the vinegar in the wash! :)

    Thinking of you and hoping your hubby is doing well.

  3. Aloha Sheila,
    I'm glad you're out in the dirt a little.. I came in from gardening and just inhaled the fresh dirt smell before washing my hands..I love that and fresh cut grass..
    My flowers are peeking thru although the Blue Colombine is rediculiously huge already..lol..
    We've a storm coming later, so I didn't water yet..
    March/April showers bring May flowers..and yours are awesome~!
    peace, Kai xx

  4. I think we are going to be seeing rain and snow all week, with really warm weather in between. We have tulips up all over, a daffodil blooming and leaves coming out on bushes. Way too soon! Ah Well!...

  5. It does indeed seem to have been a long winter. We have been spoilt by some lovely sunshine, but I shouldn't think it will last!

  6. I have that stringy greyish mold on the grass too, I'll just rake it up and hope for the best.
    Flowerbeds are still frozen, but perhaps some sunshine this week will help get the thaw going. My neighbour has a lawn full of teeny tiny snowdrops, but they are keeping their heads low at the moment, waiting for warmer weather (the snowdrops, not the neighbours!).

  7. Sheila this was a good post for me because at times I worry about what's happening to my garden back home but I can see that it's still best to stay put here in the southwest sunshine. When we return in May I'm sure we'll be overloaded with getting the garden cleaned up and in shape!Hang in there I'm sure the sunshine is just waiting to burst and then there's no stopping those little buds to turn their faces to the sky!!
    sending sunshine!

  8. Oh to have those sweet cherry trees! It looks like Spring is finally showing herself to us!
    We hope to get out and begin cleaning out the flower beds this weekend. The daffodils are almost at full bloom now!

  9. Hope your mould problem sorts itself out. It's always lovely to see the first signs of spring - we have daffodils out now and the first primulas and primroses. It's cold and windy though so none of the soft airs of spring at the moment. Soon though hopefully.

  10. 42 degrees yesterday...I am dying to work in my garden!

  11. Ah, nothing happening in my garden but the garbage from the coffee shop that blows over...must get out there soon.
    When the temps go up, I'm hitting the garden centers.
    I love your hens and chicks!

  12. Love seeing all the sprouts you have. How exciting.
    We spotted some Canadian Geese flying north.
    The wind has been blowing here so lots of leaves and things blowing around the yard. Not even going to worry about it until the wind dies down.

  13. Oh sheila - any chance of you posting ina photo of a robin from your garden - they are my fave bird... and none here unfortunately! I saw a few in the uk... they are so sweet!

  14. Hi Sheila,
    Don't you just love seeing all those little shoots popping up! Ahhh, and the cherry blooms will be wonderful.

    I've got daffodils, hyacinths, jasmine and phlox blooming, and a few azaleas. What a delight!

    The rain is coming in today and will be raining for the next few days. Oh well....

    Have a happy day,

    Hope your hubby is doing well. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  15. Fabulous photos - and my sedums look just like yours!

  16. I love seeing those little shoots on the bulbs.
    We are into Autumn now, so nothing exciting here.

  17. I loved the photos of your walk around your garden. It is interesting to see what is going on in other parts of the world other than my little corner of it.

    I hope that mold will go away. Sometimes we also get a type of fungus in our grass. It is horrible and sends Charlie in a frenzy. Stresses him out.

    Don't you just love google?!! I google everything.


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