~In my garden this week ~ #1

I'm looking forward to the time, hopefully quite soon, when I can get into the garden shed and start to organize it. Over the years the overflow from the garage has slowly found it's way into the shed, let me say something here that might explain why this is a problem. The garage is PH's domain, the garden shed is mine!

While space is found for an ever increasing array of power tools in the garage, there is never room for winter tires and golf clubs etc.and they find their way into MY shed! This is about to change. In keeping with my philosophy that less is more I shall begin by emptying everything out of the shed. A few years ago I had admired a potting table/shelf in a garden catalogue, it was quite expensive and I hesitated to buy it. PH said he could build one for me and he did. (The one above isn't mine, but clicking on the link below the photo will take you to the plans.) Mine is made of sturdy wood it has a shelf below the table for bags of soil, compost and spare pots and a shelf on top at the rear for sundries etc. It cost a fraction of the one in the catalogue and I don't know what I did before I got it. I have an assortment of garden tools that have been collected over the years, and some have seen better days. Some are duplicated, I have several trowels and hand forks. I have three secateurs, but only one pair works. I need to find that one, clean and oil it and dispose of the others.
My favourite TV gardener is Alan Tirchmarsh (link on side panel), he is a great guy and an excellent author as well as gardener. On one of his shows a year or two ago he gave an example of the basic tools you will use to garden. While other things will no doubt be added to this list as you progress I found it to be an excellent guide. As near as I can recall the list was ~

  • Hoe

  • Secateurs

  • Watering can

  • Long handled pruners

  • Hand fork and trowel

  • Lawn rake

  • Spade

  • Fork

  • Rake (for levelling soil and preparing seed beds)

  • Hedge clippers

These tools will get you going, and later on you might wish to add a wheel barrow. While we use a gas mower I do prefer non power tools in the garden and found out the hard way that all the TV ads for 'gadgets' that make light work of gardening are useless and expensive. Buy the best quality tools you can afford and wipe them off after use and put them away dry, they will last for years. The best way to store them is to hang them on hooks on the shed wall. Since I have limited space, I store mine in a square garbage pail (bought for this purpose) with the heads up, so I can see at a glance what I need. I hope to make Mondays a 'Gardening post' day, and while I'm no expert, I am keen and would appreciate any hints or comments to help me do better.


  1. oooh Sheila....I want a potting bench like this one now too!!!! It looks seriously great! I dont garden much at all although I would love too cos of my bad back. But this bench..mmm could inpsire me somewhat! I look forward to reading your garden posts and maybe giving me some tips too!

  2. Aloha Sheila.
    Don't you wish we all lived in a fantasy world where we arise to a gorgeous day, trug in hand..small plants to nurture and a garden that rewards us with endless flora and fauna? lol..
    Unfortunately mine is trampled by the puppies, dug up by squirrels and eaten by deer.. But I never give up hope.. maybe I need a potting bench to change my luck?
    peace, Kai xx

  3. That is just a gorgeous potting bench! How I would love one just like this...and it is useful as well as pretty!
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if ALL things could be both! *laugh*

  4. So the news of Spring must be true if you are writing this. and I love "gardening mondays"!

  5. I like the idea of a potting bench, and it would look great just standing there with pots on it, even if I never did any potting! I like the idea of gardening mondays too.... we bloggers should all get together and start a gardening mondays group!
    Once the snow all melts I'll have lots to report.... first thing will be to scrape up all last year's soggy leaves that didn't get cleared up cos I was in Florida most of November.

  6. I love your idea of Gardening Mondays.
    That bench is wonderful and how clever of your husband to duplicate the expensive one!

  7. Hi Sheila! How are you ,dahling? I am a bad blogger. Gardening is such great therapy. This will be the first year in forever that I don't have a garden! Happy St. Pat's Day!!!!!

  8. Me too! Me too! I want a potting bench like yours, it's brilliant. I have quarter of an acre of garden and the tools I use mostly are hand fork and spade, secateurs, long-handled loppers and my stainless steel garden fork and my edging shears. My gardener cuts grass and hedges but isn't allowed anuywhere near my flowerbeds unless I'm standing over him saying 'dig that up' :) The other indispensible item is my lovely Sussex trug. Happy gardening.

  9. Ooooh, I can't wait to get out there and dig in the garden! Love the potting bench.

    Looking forward to your Monday garden posts, Sheila!


  10. Love the bench! Also love Alan Titchmarsh! DH tends to monopolise the gardening because he is retired and I am not. However, I do grow some old fashioned favourites.

  11. Dear Shelia,
    I am looking forward to your Monday "gardening posts".
    My potting table once was my Father's lathe table from his little workshop. I love it.
    I so agree on gathering the tools and taking care of them. I have a few I could not live without.
    I have included on my "must have list" a pair of good gloves and safty glasses.
    I also love my gardening hat!
    Happy Spring,

  12. I only wish my shed was for gardening things only, if so I would have acres of space!! But sadly as we live in a little terraced cottage it is now a dumping ground for everything that won't fit in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!


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