~Can it be Spring?~

The promise of Spring fills the air.
The sun is shining in a brilliant blue sky;
evergreens are greener and buds are swelling on the trees
Oh joy..!
I sit in the garden with Buddha,
eating chocolate eggs and listening to bird song.


  1. Sheila,

    What a nice setting, can I come and sit with you and Buddha in the garden.


  2. Sounds very serene :)
    Your skies are such a pretty blue.
    Ours are quite gray and cloudy today, but spring is truly on the way!

  3. beautiful photos of a new season emerging. I can feel your optimsism with the dawning of the sunny days!

  4. chocolate eggs in the garden...almost as lovely as friends and wine!

  5. Aloha sheila..
    My Buddha's still refuse to leave thier room until it gets warmer..lol..
    So we all meditate in the red room with a cuppa tea.. :)
    love your visuals, Peace, Kai

  6. Yes yes yes I think Spring is finally shaking off the winter cloak! It was a gorgeous day today, I managed to get rid of some of the piles of snow that still remain on my patio. I think I deserve a chocolate egg as a reward!

  7. Nice pictures and I could sure go for some of those chocolate eggs!

  8. Spring at last! Breathe it in! Feel the warmth of the sun! Heavenly! :o)

  9. Seriously it really, REALLY needs to be spring. I think I have the seasonal affective disorder and warm sunshine is the cure!


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