~ Greetings from the frost bite capital of the World ~

     Yesterday was a brute of a day, windy and incredibly cold.
Today was worse. Tomorrow will be worse still. DH had another treatment yesterday, 2 down and 4 to go. He says the nurses are great, but each one has her own way of administering the treatment.
When we got home yesterday, he felt bruised and achy. Not one to be down for long, he busied himself around the house  while I did   laundry. Today I went to Gill's to work, and DH, left to his own devices decided to go for a drive.  He took these pictures, through the car window. It was so cold that the instant you stepped outside today, your nostrils were immediately frozen shut. I'm upset that these animals do not have blankets, but if they are used to being out in all weather, I suppose their coats are suitably dense to keep them warm.
The house is beginning to groan and crack again as the temperature falls. Last night it sounded as though we had someone in the attic rehearsing River Dance..!
I heard tonight that Winnipeg was -50°C with the windchill. Why, compared to that The Golden Horseshoe is almost a banana belt.


  1. Brrr! I once felt -28 at Sioux Lookout when they let us off 'The Canadian' for half an hour. My nose froze! what a strange sensation that is!

  2. It is cold at my house too as Artic air comes down. I wonder what air they are having???
    zero tonight -18c but the wind....instant freeze.
    Stay warm.

  3. Beautiful pictures! What a talented family...

    We are feeling the frost bite here also. Had to take my neighbor for his roadtest today and wait curbside for half an hour.

    Even thermal underwear did not help.

  4. goodness looks so cold....
    stay in and keep warm..

  5. Ooh looks like I'm not along freezing here )
    The picture with hourses is nice what are they looking together at I wonder?

  6. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how cold it must be there. Brrrrrrr, and I think it's cold down here! :)

    The photos are beautiful. I wish the horses had blankets on too.

    Hope your hubby is feeling well.


  7. Hi Sheila, I thought it was cold in Ohio but it may be a warm day here compared to your Canada weather. Your husband has a good outlook and that is so important. I am waiting to see the painting of the horses. It is a good photo and I think he could win a prize with the photo's he took on his drive through the cold country. Photographer and artist.........I think so.. Sharon K

  8. Hi Sheila! ~~~ How are you ..Great t osee you on GPS. we have had 3 straight days of sun here in Portland! We had a lot O' snow over christmas...

  9. Brrrr! I do LOVE the first picture though. Can't wait to see your husband's next painting!

  10. Dear Sheila,
    That's way too cold for me!
    I always worry about the animals too ~
    Hope your husband is doing alright.
    Stay warm!

  11. Haa - Sheila,

    I'm going to fight you for that title!

  12. dear Sheila...Keep your nose and your toes warm and dry. Can't imagine venturing out in that weather,even though the pictures are beautiful!
    love you

  13. It's colder than usual here also. I guess ya'll blew some of that cold air down to us. Hope your husband can find something he wants to paint.

  14. Hi Sheila: yes, it certainly IS extremely cold! I have kept the taps in my basement dripping for the past 3 days, just to make sure I don't suffer any frozen water pipes. At least we still have electricity, some poor folks in T.O. were freezing in the dark last night.

  15. Two more to go... that is great!
    I am eager to see Ivo's painting. He has a great eye for inspiration. I love both of the photo's he took!

    I can imagine how cold it is... but look how beautiful!
    It has been so warm here. It feels like spring... it is crazy! Everyone is wearing tank tops and shorts. I know it sounds unbelievable but, it is true! Crazy!

  16. poor guy, sending some healing blessings to him.. he will feel the cold as he goes through treatments.. keep his feet warm and let him snuggle. It so helps the soul....

    as to the cold. I cannot begin to imagine it.. where here it has been in the over 40's C for the past few days. hate the heat.

  17. It's -12c right now so I'm guessing the frigid temperatures are now over with! Wasn't that unbelievable? It went as low as -42c here and that was without the windchill factor. Nothing worse than going outside and having your nostrils close shut! lol

    Prayers continue for your hubby, I'm glad to hear he's the type to fight back and not let himself be down for too long:-) Wonderful pictures he took of the horses! They are probably used to the cold weather...when the stray kitties come for their dinner every evening, I check them out to make sure they don't have any frostbite. They seem just fine and nothing wrong with their appetite! lol I look at their little delicate ears and wonder how they can withstand such frigid temperatures...I guess wherever they're staying, it's warm enough. xoxo

  18. I don't suppose I could survive a winter in your part of the world, I feel the cold sooooo much.
    Healing thoughts being sent to your husband as he undergoes his treatment and {{hugs}} to you

  19. Sheila, stay warm and your DH is in my thoughts.

  20. Haha!! I'm imagining us as the banana belt of Southern Ontario.
    Good visual mum.
    Dad took some nice pictures, despite the nostril freezing weather. It could indeed freeze the you-know-whatskis off a Brass Monkey!!!
    I'm off to bed, see you soon!!! xoxo

  21. Dear Sheila,
    Just popping in again. Hope all is well, stay warm and cozy!

  22. Just stopped in to say hi! I like this new color scheme.

  23. wow, cold but pretty! I can't even imagine that kind of cold! We whine if it gets below 10 deg Celcius! I do hope DH handles the treatments well and is on top of the world soon!

  24. I am so glad you are blogging again, dear Sheila as I love all you do...and this time i have been lucky enough to be able to read the new blog from its inception :)

    Great to know all is going well for dear Ivo...you are both on my prayer list :)

    Wonderful photos of the snowy landscape though I'm sure it's very cold where you are...

    Great colourful montage for the new changes you are making...keeping things simple, avoiding clutter :)

    I don't know anything about horses wearing coats while they stand around in the fields...but I do know that cattle are not allowed coats as they perspire under them and they then get pneumonia.

    Blessings to you as you embark on a new beginning and a fresh start to the year :) Lots of love, WG xxx


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