~ Brrrrr............!! ~

This was about the best the sun managed to do here today.
A watery sun at best, as if it was almost afraid to come out, it emerged periodically but never long enough to warm us. It melted some of the snow so that now evening is here, the runoff has frozen and turned sidewalks and driveways into skating rinks. Out with the salt and ice melter we go, before someone falls and breaks something !
Thank you to all who left comments offering good wishes and encouragement. DH was delighted with the response to his painting, especially as he hadn't known I'd posted it. He did very well with his treatment and feels pretty good.
We had company tonight, my SIL and family came to see hubby. DH showed them DVD's of Madeira, and Portugal so we were able to forget the cold outside, and for a while bask in the Portuguese sunshine, while we went on a virtual vacation. SIL brought cookies and home made peanut brittle. They love to bake. All day I have resisted Cadbury's chocolate biscuits at work, only to succumb to coconut macaroons, shortbread, and other delights made by my in laws.
I learned in November that I am insulin resistant. I have to lose weight in order to lower my blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Sure !! I was going to get right on that just before Christmas! I tried to be as responsible as possible, and then after Jan 1st I removed all temptation and other good stuff from the kitchen. I upped my veg and fruit intake, ate almonds and walnuts, dined on fish or chicken...I was getting used to it. Then tonight I inhaled about a dozen and a half home baked treats. Tomorrow I go back to the Dr for a follow up.
I think I'm in trouble.


  1. OK, fish and chicken it is.
    No more sweets in the spa.
    I shall remove them. :)

    I love you too much to risk your insulin levels.

  2. What a sweet daughter you have!
    It's so hard to not be able to enjoy the food we love. I'm having the same problem here. I get all the bad food out and then we have a church supper or we go out to eat.
    I hope your testing comes out ok.
    We are having a really beautiful sunny blue sky day here in Georgia. Your day will come.

  3. It's hard to resist all those goodies. I have the worst time in the winter. I seem to crave sweets.

    The sun has been shining here, finally, after so much rain and I was able to enjoy an outing today with Otis and Riley.

    Glad to hear your husband is feeling better. You must show us his next painting.


  4. So glad Ivo's doing well post the treatment....

    Please give him our best...

    Gill's advice is good advice ;) We need you to look after yourself too... you're too important for anythin less...

    Warm love my friend from across the waters,


  5. I think a once in a while "falling off the wagon" doesn't hurt too much.... it's so hard to resist isn't it. But once all the Christmas goodies are gone, it's so much easier to stay on the straight and narrow path.

  6. Darn the holidays! Why do they seem to revolve around sweets! Why couldn't we have some great veggie traditions....that would sure help but it might not be nearly as much fun or as tasty!

    I'm happy to hear that your hubby is feeling ok. You can tell him I'm green with envy over his painting abilities. I'm still trying to do simple things like load my brush with paint and actually apply it to the canvas!!

  7. Sheila
    How did the Dr appt go??
    Are you diabetic? I am!
    Sitting here craving
    chocolate 24/7.

  8. We're finally getting some sunshine today but it sure is cold out there! We can't win...if it's sunny it's frigid and if it's milder it snows! lol

    Glad to hear that your hubby did well with the first treatment, prayers that he will have none of those awful side effects!!

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear that you are insulin resistant and having to lose weight is not a fun thing to achieve, especially during the holidays! I need to really cut back also, just been eating whatever I want and my hips are not thanking me for it! Sigh. xoxo

  9. Don't you just dislike all the stuff our bodies do with the aging thing. I'm so glad DH did well with the treatments!

  10. I am so happy that Ivo did well with the treatment! That is great!
    Keeping you both in my prayers. I always think about you.

    Oh Sheila! I hope your Doctors visit is a good one. That is a tough one. I am trying to make good choices... I refuse to use the "D" word. Especially with my daughter's condition. It really boils down to that. A choice. That is the way I have to think about it. It is so hard though. LOL! (scream AHHHHH)


    Love you

  11. Wow...that looked really cold. I feel guilty about being cold in Sothern California. Good luck at your appointment!

  12. Bad luck with the insulin thing. My sister has the same I know I should lose at least half a stone. I wish that things that were bad for you didn't taste so good though!
    Hope all goes well for you and your DH.

  13. Dear Shelia,
    I am thinking about getting a treadmill.
    I too would love to slim down a bit. In the winter I do not walk enough.
    You inspired me to start walking a couple of years ago.
    Keeping you and hubby in my blessings. sounds as if he is doing great.

  14. Hope you got away with your fall off the waggon when you went to see the doctor. It must be really hard to have to avoid things like that, I have a sweet tooth too so can sympathize. However it's better than the alternative as they say!

  15. It is so hard isn't it? *sigh* But I know you can do it...I now have a treadmill and do try to get on it 4 times a week. I hope to work myself up to more. Getting older is NOT for sissies! : )
    I am so glad your dear husband is better and that he has re-discovered painting! What a beautiful work. he does a great talent.

    I will keep him (and you of course) in my prayers, thoughts and heart tomorrow and always. Weare all here behind you and with so many good thoughts he WILL be uplifted and healed. I loved reading our sweet Lisa's comment...imagining little evil things popping out and leaving from the meds...

    A positve attitude is over half of the battle. YOu both have that. Many blessings to you and much love always.


  16. I was so pleased to read that your DH's first treatment went well, and his painting really is beautiful, at first glance I didn't realise it was a painting.

    I love the new look of your blog too - good luck at the doctors and let us know how you got on.

    I have decided to loose some weight too - so I shall compare notes!

    I hope this year restores you both to fully health and you soon get to go on more of your travels, to sunnier climes

  17. Wow there is a lot of that insulin resistance going around...I sincerely hope you never end up on shots! Not fun...but the carbs do go down so easy. Take care. It's good for everyone to consider.

  18. Your back in the land of blog, I'm thrilled, I have missed you! I lurve the painting, if I painted I'm not sure anyone would know what it was!!!! but your hubbies pic is beautiful. So glad all is going well with the treatment.
    Be positive with the healthy eating, don't call it a diet as you can stop diets when you get to your goal and the weight just piles back on as you return to the old way of eating. This is healthy eating for life!!!

  19. You and I both are trying to get some weight off! Glad to hear your guy is feeling good!

  20. Happy to hear the Ivo tolerated the treatment well.

    As for you Missy, stay off the sweets! I promise to eat enough for the both of us...(I know, I am bad....)

  21. How lovely to have discovered you! Isn't blogland just wonderful? Oh, the people you meet and the sharing of love, laughter and life with each and every one is an inspiration and a delight.

    I do hope your doctor's appointment went smoothly. Sounds like you'd done so well up until that little 'hiccup' with the home baked treats!

    I just can't get over how beautifully your husband paints - especially since he's not picked up a paintbrush for years. An innate talent, that's for sure!

    (We've just got back from two weeks in Madeira. Oh, what an island of magic! I wish you and your DH Bom Ano.)

  22. Your photo looks as cold as it IS here. Minus 11 right now, and supposed to get to -32 tonight.

    I'm glad you could have a virtual vacation. Hmm, I think I'd better pop "Under the Tuscan Sun" in my DVD player when I get home tonight.

  23. you are back !!!!!! I must catch up after I catch up my washing - ooh it is so good to see you again here xoxo

  24. I so empathize with you! I was "in trouble" last year. My friend recommended a rather radical weight loss - Dr. Simeon's protocol- she lost 40 poounds in less than two months- I lost 30, it has been gone ever since- anyway, If you want to know about it you can google it or email me- lindahoof@comcast.net- I can tell you about it.Love your blog by the way!

  25. why is it that all the stuff that is good for you is so BORING and all the stuff you should avoid at all costs is so YUMMY?!!! Still, soldier on dear girl, battling with diabetes and heart disease is a bigger pain than feeling deprived of decent food!


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