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Since I am unable to repair this blog I have started again over at

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Test picture...?

~ Where are my pictures ?~

It seems that with the exception of one or two. my post pictures have disappeared. If I can't fix this I shall start a new blog. Please comment here, if you visit, and let me know if you see any photos. Thank you


~ A long weekend ~

We are getting rain with the  sunshine,
but the weather has improved in leaps and bounds
since the beginning of May.
This is the Victoria Day Weekend and when we usually plant annuals.
The Spring bulbs are all flowering,
though I don't think all of them came through the winter.
The cherry trees have flowered, and in today's breeze
the petals are falling like snowflakes !


~ At Last ~

At last, after a few days of sun, and warm rain, the bulbs are starting to flower.
Not many yet, but a promising start. 
I was beginning to fear the extreme cold we had this Winter had killed them.
Even the cherry trees are showing signs of coming back to life.


~ Selfie ~

I don't often post photos of myself.
It seems the thing to do nowadays is to take a 'selfie'.
So that's what I did.
Five minutes later, I took a fall and cut my eyebrow open 
(when my head hit the floor and my glasses dug in,)
and bruised my knees and an elbow.
Mum always said,
"Pride comes before a fall"


~ Waiting for Spring ~

Rain,  rain and more rain. 
Very little in the garden, still no leaves on the trees. 
Instead I create Spring indoors, myself. 
Thank you for silk flowers, a wonderful invention.



I am a huge Edward Rutherfurd fan. 
His latest book PARIS is wonderful. 
I have to limit myself to one chapter a night, since I don't want it to end. 
If you have never read any of his books,  treat yourself to one today. 
You won't regret it. 
If you are already a fan, which book is your favorite?


~ Welcome Robbie..~

My sister Jane's new horse.
His name is Robbie.
She already has a Quarter Horse called Lucky, and a donkey called Daisy. 
This one is an American Paint Tobiano.
I've yet to meet him, but I'm told he's a sweet gentle animal. 
I haven't counted lately, but I think I have more animal 'nephews and nieces' and 'grands' than I have human ones!


~ Slowly, but surely... ~

After a very cold night, today is balmy and dare I say it, very Spring like!! 
So nice to sit in the back garden and enjoy my breakfast cuppa! 
The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and it makes me happy!


~ A few tulips..~

I treated myself to a bunch or two of tulips this week. 
The ones I planted in the Fall are still struggling....
Pink and Purple flowers in my Wal*Mart bargain mason jars. 
Great for candles in the garden and wild flowers.


~ A late, cool Spring ~

A late cool Spring. 
It reached 9°C today, but that is still below normal. 
The garden is greening up slowly, but very little to show for the dozens of bulbs I planted last Autumn.